25 2018 Dec

Home Lighting With A Powerful Impression

Home Lighting that’s a wall sconce and a wall sconce that radiates a powerful impression.  There’s something about this sconce that reminds me of an European tower or something your would see in an ancient church with colored glass.

It’s like a pillar in light blue like a blue sky on a clear day.  The lines remind me of the decor on a pillar on a church in Rome. With all these impressions, can you imagine what this can do in your home.  Put it in a dark hallway and feel good looking at it every time you walk down this part of your house.  LampsLightsGalore.com

25 2018 Dec

Billiard Light That Rides Like A Cowboy. 

A Billiard Light That Rides Like A Cowboy.   This light is Cowboy- artful, as the Rustlers ride the range and mountain side while the morning sun comes up. This light is atmospheric, enveloping and projecting through am amber mica lamp. It is hand made and finished in an antique copper rust. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

It’s obvious that this Billiard Light is designed around a certain theme:  ride ’em cowboy.  But if you like to wear cowboy boots and have horses and a farm and visitors who like to play pool, this kind of light fixture will fit your atmosphere like a glove.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com



24 2018 Dec

A Rustic Home Lighting Fixture

A rustic home lighting flush mount ceiling fixture with a dispersion of sunset light color on pine cones and pine needles.   Energy efficient lamping options are available. The flush mount is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations. The amber mica lens with a bottom diffuser gives a strong light. 

Bringing something of the forrest and woods back in your living room with this rustic charming ambient light, can bring memories of good out door times.

My dog likes to chase after small animals when i’m hunting in the woods.  When i installed this this ceiling light, he thought he was in the forrest.  He got frustrated because he couldn’t reach the light.  At least he saw the light.  LampsLightsGalore.com

23 2018 Dec

A Tulip Floor Lamp With A Tulip

A tulip floor lamp with multiple beauty and colored designs. The foundation of its lamp shade is beige with red tulips in a circular pattern combined with green leaves and amethyst jewels as an accent. A floor Lamp with beige glass panels with a foundation for various color designs with pinkish-red tulip design circling the shade with a setting of spring green leaves and a substance of crystallized quarts made into  jewel-like  figures and mahogany granite glass.

You don’t have to trip through trips here.  All you have to do is put one lamp in your home.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

22 2018 Dec

A Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan And A Garden

A ceiling light fixture with fan with a garden as it’s theme in a maze of greenery and garden beauty.  Though the fan is not included, when it is installed it will bring a breeze like coming from pedal pink and garden flower garden.

If it were me, i would like it installed in my kitchen, and feeling the breeze on me while i would be cooking.  Then i would look up and visualize a garden in the summer and be swept into a good mood.  A kitchen can be a pleasant environment instead of a bland place to occupy.

Go to LampsLightsGalore.com


21 2018 Dec

An Adjustable Floor Lamp That Reaches Out

This adjustable Floor Lamp reaches out to you, instead of you reaching out to it. You don’t have to move your chair up to the base to get your light in the right place.

There’s more. You also have a object of artful beauty to enhance your room, and to give you a cense of luxury. This is accomplished by a glass shade in honey amber, a jade glass pattern, and a bronze finished floor lamp base. Go to LampsLightsGalore .com to see more.  Let this adjustable floor lamp stretch for you.

21 2018 Dec

A Tiffany Style Floor Lamp Like A Garden

This Tiffany style floor lamp is a mixture of colors in glass that combine to create a garden of Magnolias with a base decorated with Magnolia leaves. A creation such as this can only come from the factory of Meyda and it’s homemade skilled artists.  A person doesn’t have to say, “I didn’t promise you a rose garden” because you gave your lover something better–Magnolias and a lamp to boot.

There are Tiffany lamps that don’t use the exact materials used by Meyda.  These lamp are imitations and are made from much cheaper  materials. Remember:  You get what you pay for.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com


21 2018 Dec

Ceiling Light Fixtures With Fan Are The Right Mix Of Comfort And Style

I have loved putting some of my own ceiling fixtures on the ceiling of my home so that I can have the right lighting for my space. I have been really impressed by the fixtures that I have been finding online. They are great for setting the whole vibe of my space and I love using them all the time. I enjoy having a cabin-like feel with the fixtures.

The fixtures that I have been getting for my ceiling include some fixtures with a fan that have been great for ensuring the right atmosphere while ensuring some great style for my home at the same time. It is cool to find them in some cozy designs, like the fly fisherman one that I got recently. This fan light represents my love of the outdoors well.

The ceiling light fixtures with fan are a great way for me to have the kind of cozy lighting that I want to have at my home. I put the ceiling fan light in my living room and it has been the highlight of my space since then. The fan light is a great way for me to keep my living room looking really good. The light is perfect for my best space.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

21 2018 Dec

A Table Lamp Italian Style

A table lamp inspired by an Italian architect gives a style presentation of plant leaves of several colors and scrolls of beige, plum and sage green on stained glass. An unique lamp base in a slender curved shape in mahogany bronze adds to its artful style. LampsLightsGalore.com

It has been said that art helps us to live.  What better way than to sit down and read something and enjoy proper lighting with a touch of art and class at the same time.  This table lamp is designed with European luxury and unique hand made skill with no cheap imitation. GO TO LAMPS.LIGHTS.GALORE.COM

20 2018 Dec

Light Up Your Home With Accent Lamps

Decorating with accents gives your home either a surprising pop of style or a complementary element that ties everything together – and such is the eclectic charm of accent lamps. Flexible in terms of style and design, and reliable when it comes to lighting, accept lamps brings both function and style to any room in your house.

Sprucing up your home with accent lamps follows no cookie cutter formula. You’re free to experiment and mix and match them with all your other decor items. It’s a treat that accent lamps come in wide varieties of make, style, colors, and size. And with that, you’ll have no trouble finding the right lamp that can bring the desired lighting and design effect into your space. Choosing the right accent lamp to purchase only requires the most essential of considerations. That is, knowing the size, installation type, and of course, the quality of your lighting fixture.

Accent lamps bring the right amount of mood and design to your room and home. It’s an effortless yet striking decor and lighting essential that can easily delight and impress guests and family. Shop for accent lamps that follow your personal preference and have your taste and style light through with your accent lamp.