139408Having a hanging light like this in your home would be like having something beautiful that no one else has.  It’s a nice way to keep up with the Jones’ without being obvious.

The way these blue scallops glow it reminds me of a girl in school whose class i was in and had big, blue eyes.  Our teacher marked our test papers with a blue pen and the ones that failed with a red pencil.  This was the third grade and nobody in the class knew anything about colored pencils.   My test paper came back with a big red F on it and hers came back with a small blue A.  She said red was her favorite color and she hated blue.  So we traded papers and changed the names on the papers.

When I got home and showed my parents my A,  i got spanked.  The dog howled.  Even the dog didn’t believe me.  Talk about man’s best friend….LampsLightsGalore.com


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