18 2019 Mar

Oriental Peony Accent Table Lamp

This table lamp is made of material that is zinc and glass. The finish is mahogany bronze. The shade is stained glass.

This table lamp reminds me of Fall, when tree leaves change colors. Its splendor is your happiness. How could a rainy day cause you to forget this artful masterpiece, especially when a genius artist like Tiffany invented it decades ago by taking pieces of colored glass and creating a world of designs. A quote from Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873): Genius does what it must, talent does what it can. Emily Bronte made a statement in one of her poems: When days of beauty deck the earth…she was speaking about life’s miseries never letting beauty out of the reach of human life. Having this table lamp in any room of your house will always bring that thought to mind.

A table lamp like this can stand out in any room. The many colored leaves will create contrast with other colors in a room from curtains, sofas, walls etc. It’s easy to spend less money on a cheap imitation (these lamps are manufactured in the factory per purchase) made on an assembly line or a dull, uninteresting model. It all depends what serves your needs.

15 2019 Mar

A Hanging Light With Rustlers In A Oblong Pendent

This ceiling light fixture is a reminder of the good old Cowboy days when the Rustlers where the bad guys. If you have any taste for nostalgia, and buy this fixture, you will have these guys permanently above you–along with the morning sun. All this is enhanced by the lighting project through stunning amber mica.

These ceiling light fixtures can be useful in many different places. In a bar with pool tables that feature country bands and juke box country tunes, this would be a perfect place for this fixture. Some people would like this fixture in the kitchen. It would add a different feeling to an other wise dull environment.

I remember sitting in a bar talking to the guy sitting next to me. The bar had recently purchased this hanging light with the rustlers on horseback. The man next to me looked at this light fixture and said, “That reminds me of the old days.” I asked me if he had been a rancher and had raised horses. He said, “Not exactly, he said. I tried to steel one from a farm and got caught and went to jail.”

13 2019 Mar

Metro Fusion Rock Scape Ceiling Light Fixture

This ceiling light fixture is a flush mount, meaning it holds itself to the ceiling. This fixture is like having the sun pouring down from your ceiling with its golden, yellowish and speckled surface. This can be useful for rooms that have a dreary atmosphere, like having no windows.

Ceiling light fixture flush mounts are desirable for many reasons. There many options available including closets to living rooms with plenty of sizes and styles. These fixtures can be great for bathrooms because they’re usually not enough room in a bathroom or counter space to put any kind of light. Flush mount on a ceiling saves space and gives convenience.

Ceiling light fixtures are great in bedrooms or in a den because of the wide spread illumination. Even with a table at my desk, i need an overhead light to complete the kind of light i want. When i’m reading in bed it’s the same thing. My bed light is good for a fast-light -getting- out- of- bed or answering a phone, but for reading–no! The only person who is not fuzzy about lighting is my dog, but he’s got it made because i let him sleep on top of the covers on my bed.

12 2019 Mar

Ceiling Light Fixture A Turn Leaf Flush Mount In Blue

A Ceiling Light Fixture that grips the ceiling with a milky white circular structure with flowery leaves in blue surrounding it. This is beauty in simplicity encouraging awareness of all that is blue in nature, like blue skies looking at me.

These Ceiling Light Fixtures come in a wide variety of forms so as to fit in any room in agreement with the right mood from closets to major living spaces. You can get these lights as low as $10.00 or pay up to hundreds of dollars. It all depends on how classy you want to get. The classy ones are more complex with elaborate features.

There are a few considerations before buying. Each room in a house or business will require a different ceiling light fixture depending how it will blend with the environment of the room and how much lighting is needed and the size of the room. You may want to focus on a work area or kitchen space. Then there is the color and style you don’t want to clash with color and style of a room.

One advantage of a ceiling light fixture flush mount is they are good for low ceilings because there is no chains or dangling lights to bump your head on. Flush mount lightings are easy to install and instructions are available

11 2019 Mar

Tiffany Peacock Feather Bird Floor Lamp With Many Colors

A floor lamp made in the design of Tiffany, with its colored glass design pieces, is a unforgettable work of art. It can light up a room like a Christmas tree and bring the memory of happiness like the Christmas season. To enhance this floor lamp even further is to relate it to a peacock, one of natures most beautiful creatures

For example, swirling opalescent art glass background combinations including beige amber, yellow pinks, red purples, and on and on prove it’s worth. Having one of these in one of your rooms in your home is a break from the ordinary. Louis Comfort Tiffany was not a common lamp maker in 1899 in New York. Basically, he used pieces of stained glass and soldered them together creating designs with a central theme or dominant idea.

These floor lamps have many varieties (See lampsLightsGalore.com) so one can easily adapt them to any environment in a home or business. They come in different styles from classical Victorian to the modern Mission style.

Picture your self after work sitting down in your favorite chair and turning on a floor lamp and diving into a good book or newspaper. Wouldn’t you feel better if that lamp was something of beauty that did more for your morale than just give light? Ordinary plain lamps give nothing to an atmosphere. This time you can really see the light.

10 2019 Mar

Golf Wall Sconce For Fun

A Sconce is a decorative light attached to a wall to provide soft or background lighting. This kind of lighting can be used in several ways. They can be used in hallways, in pairs in doorways, bathrooms mirrors, etc.

This wall sconce is a great reminder of the game of golf. Every time the light goes on a pleasant thought of how you like to spend your time in your favorite recreation. That is if you’re a golfer. But it is a design that everyone can relate to. It goes to show that wall sconces are available in wide choice of styles.

Its well to keep in mind that the wall sconce you purchase blends into a room. A large wall would not be proper with a sconce that is small in size. A small wall would would not fit a large sconce. You might also want to consider what atmosphere a sconce would fit in to. If you want a sporty look in a room, the wall sconce in this writing would to the trick. If your room has a classic look, a sconce less casual would fit in. A proper sconce could enhance placed on a wall next to a bathroom mirror, or on a wall above a bed in your bedroom. For a look at different sconces, go to LampsLightsGalore.com

9 2019 Mar

Rose Vine Pendant Hanging Light

This hanging light is blessed with the creative hand of Tiffany, who developed the art of stained glass that allows the light to shine through the glass. The hanging light is circled by green leaves accented by blue, purple additions. So you have light and art at the same time. It can be fun when company come over to your house and marvel at your recent light purchase. Nice to have a few stokes once in awhile.

A hanging light can be hung in any room of a house or business and will add proper light–for example, in a kitchen, above a pool table, or in a business. In a business a decorative hanging light will help a business by getting the attention of customers, especially one as decorative as this one.

There are many styles to choose from as far as hanging lights are concerned. These are known for their traditional use but they are also available in modern styles for contemporary homes.

Since these hanging lights can be the focal point in any room, they can be useful by saving space and allowing room for other objects, like in a business, den, school or any room. It’s also important that when a hanging light is installed the height is important. Higher up the more the light will be scattered further, lower the light will be more concentrated. .https://lampslightsgalore.com

8 2019 Mar

Mayfield Parrish Decorative Table Lamp

This table lamp is so versatile in its craftsmanship, style, colors that it can blend into any atmosphere or mood in a room. Yes, there are lamps that are cheaper and useful but also boring and dull and who needs that. Of course, if you have a living room that’s color conservative a, colorful lamp likes this can draw attention to itself and give a room a whole new feeling by creating a contrast.

A table lamp of decorative invention. Its luminescent colors are like celestial bodies giving light to its beauty. This table lamp can effect any mood and any room it happens to be in. What a relief to sit down and read a book or watch TV in a dim lighted room with a work of art settled next to you.

A table lamp like this would work well as a bedroom lamp on a night stand next to your bed. Imagine going to sleep after turning off the lamp and visualizing the artful beauty of this lamp in your mind. Might even give some sweet dreams and improve the interior design of the room, allowing the room to be more colorful. (Go to LampsLightsGalore.com)

7 2019 Mar

Cabbage Rose Accent Table Lamp

A Table Lamp should not be something that is present in a room for reasons of being useful. It should make a statement that it can present a mood of importance. Like a picture or portrait coming from a famous artist a century ago, it should stand for a work of art. It should enhance a room in your house so that you should feel good about it when you enter a room with this lamp when it turned on.

A Cabbage Rose Accent Table Lamp is reminiscent of the great artist Tiffany who a century ago took pieces of colored glass and pieced them together to form an art form, like you see in the windows of a church. In this case a rose is added in the design to give a garden impression and a remembrance of the great outdoors.

30 2019 Jan

A Personalized Billiard Light With Style

A billiard light with a  honey amber stained glass background, an 39 inch long fixture, crossed billiard cues, and multicolored ball images is what this billiard light is all about.  Added to this is an frame and hardware made in a textured black finish and a 8 ball in the middle of a circular design as an added accent.

If you can’t make it to the bar or are a non-drinker, you can create this atmosphere right in your home.  Install this billiard light above your pool table and you will feel the atmosphere right down to your cue stick.  LampsLightsGalore.com