16 2019 Jan

Bedroom Lighting That Will Color Your Dreams

Bedroom Lighting  is a replica of when Spanish or European settled in the Caribbean and brought with them a Creole culture which is express in this hanging light.  This became a country French design with lily pedals bound near the base with a leafy green scrollwork and accented with amber glass jewels on a beige art glass background.

The Creole colors and fancy design makes one think of the caribbean culture and all that it represents.  If you go to bed at night with this hanging from your bedroom ceiling you will probably have sweet dreams.  LampsLightsGalore.com


15 2019 Jan

A Light Fixture That Lets Nature In

A light fixture that takes on the beauty of an acorn with a beige art glass shade. This fixture is crowned by sprouts oak branches and leafs made from copper that is handmade. The art glass shades is created using Meyda Tiffany’s famous copper construction. This light fixture gives a feeling of the outdoors in the atmosphere of any room. Call for lead time Meyda: 1-800-222-4009 # 203

My dog liked this fixture because it reminded him that his most important function was outside.  All dogs like things that remind them of trees and fire hydrants.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

13 2019 Jan

An Indoor Lighting Ceiling Fixture With Star Quality

An indoor Lighting , in the form of a pendant which hangs from a steel chain,  lights up like a star or planet in the sky.  It’s circled by diamond- like accents with a geometric diamond interior.  If you’re an outer space buff, you may appreciate this in your home because of its star like quality that reminds you of the heavens and the great universe. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

I ask my wife, when i installed this indoor lighting fixture, why she liked to stare at it sometimes. She said it helped her to meditate.  I thought she said said medicate.  So I bought her some Preparation H and she got mad at me.  I guess i rubbed her the wrong way.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

12 2019 Jan

Home Theater Lighting A Fishermen Delight

A home theater lighting pendent ceiling fixture illustrating a speedy Sailfish which fishermen would feel comfortable with around a pool table or cooking in a kitchen.  Blue skies looking down upon a person in a lighted area can bring back memories of happy fishing expeditions and moments.  Nice to have that around.  Finished in steel with dimmable energy and custom sizes, styles and colors available, give a person many options. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

When I invited some of my friends over for a game of pool, they automatically noticed a fish in the lighting above the pool table.  This instigated a round of fish stories.  Who caught the biggest one?  The evening ending with no one winning but we did find out who was the biggest liar and it wasn’t me.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com




12 2019 Jan

A Two-Timer Desk Lamp

A Desk Lamp with a double lighting effect with twin heads. Two people can sit across from each other and do their desk work, if that is necessary. This desk lamp is made from solid brass and gives a look of golden beauty.

 Handcrafted in the USA and UL and cUL listed, this lamp is available in custom sizes, styles and finishes, and with dimmable energy efficient lamping.

One thing about this desk lamp is not only providing twice the illumination but is stylish, and can give a person’s desk area a wealthy look.  If the person is a banker or in the area of passing people, this can be impressive and morale boosting.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com



11 2019 Jan

A Whispering Ceiling Mount Light Among The Pines

A ceiling mount light (Flushmount) with a finish in silver mica and a shade in amber mica.  Pine cones and twigs accent this light, giving a touch of the out doors.  If you a lover of the forests and have camped out in beneath pine trees, this ceiling light will add comfort to a room in your home by reminding you of those cherish camping trips. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

I always love camping in the forest but i have to remember where and when i sit down to rest.  I leaned that lesson the hard way when i sat down on a pine cone.  I could swear i saw a deer with a grin on his face as i jumped up howling. LampsLightsGalore.com

10 2019 Jan

  A Ceiling Light Fixture That Sparkles Like Stars

If you are a star gazer, you can bring a touch of the galaxy in your home or business. A ceiling light fixture with 21 LED sparkling lights resembling a mesmerizing constellation of stars.

Handmade in the Meyda manufacturing facility in Upstate New York, this fixture is available in custom sizes, finishes and dimmable lamping options. The flushmount is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

Why do people who have long vision see better when they are sleeping?  It’s because they dream of stars in the sky.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com






9 2019 Jan

Indoor Lighting Like A Lavender Diamond

Indoor Lighting takes on the design of a chandelier transformed into a inverse design in the form of a diamond with a lavender color.  With a six arm structure of shades surrounding the main shade, it gives a powerful appearance like a bald eagle with ornate arms finished in a warm off-green.

A person may have blue Mondays, but with this indoor lighting fixture you can change that situation to purple Mondays by installing this chandelier in your living room.  Hence, a solution is born.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com



8 2019 Jan

An Indoor Lighting Fixture That Likes Golf

Well, it looks like grass us greener on the other side of the fence, or i should say, computer.  This indoor lighting wall sconce  will definitely put an accent in your den or any room that will match the green light shade.  One thing for sure, if your a golf lover you will always remember the good times on the course every time you look at this indoor lighting wall sconce.

One thing that is good about golf you don’t have to get knocked around on the green, like football.  How often do your hear about somebody getting hit with a golf ball.  Trouble was, when i was first started out and trying to develop a golf swing,  I got sued.  I still don’t know was that person was doing on the green in front of me.  LampsLightsGalore.com

7 2019 Jan

An Adjustable Floor Lamp On The Fly

An adjustable floor lamp that has a reach that allows the lamp shade to come closer to you.  This lamp is designed with a dragon fly in mind. Very colorful in character with jewel-like pieces of purple, sky blue, violet, scarlet red, and amber.  The arm and base are in brass and scrolls top the lamp.

When i first purchased this lamp i went to bed the following night and i dreamed i was a dragonfly flying all over the universe.  My wife asked me next time i fly off to the universe, bring me back some of those glistening jewels of red and amber that decorates the lamp.