31 2018 Jan

A Table Lamp That Shines Like A Sunset

A table lamp that shines like a sunset.  Red roses and blue, green flowers circle this lampshade giving a border of beauty.  A antique copper finished lamp base with a cabbage leaf design complete this work of Tiffany’s famous design.  This could give a bedroom a cheerful atmosphere and something pleasant to go to sleep with.

A velvet light blue sky with orange colored clouds are what i’m looking at this last month of January in Washington state where I live.  Considering that i’m in the middle of Winter, this is a rare occasion.  This table lamp reminded me of this moment.  I purchased it to keep this sunset forever alive every time i turn on my table lamp.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com


30 2018 Jan

A Peacock Lamp Gone Blue

A peacock lamp is reaching for the sky for bluer than blue is what this peacock  lace table lamp is all about.  All kinds of color accents enrich this lace pattern in blue such as beige amber, yellow pinks, red purples, golden blues and greens, ivories, bluish whites, turquoise blues and on and on.  Can’t go wrong on this one.

I once saw a Peacock in my back yard.  My dog was attracted to it.  It got so that i couldn’t keep them apart.  It must have been the feathers. He died. He was tickled to death.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com


29 2018 Jan

A Novelty Light With Lilies And A Mirror

A novelty light and table lamp with a mirror as it’s center piece, but it is accented by two amber/purple pond lilies arched on either side of the mirror.

Lilies are not only in the field but can be beside your table in a mirror as you look in to it while you put on makeup.  I am speaker to women only here.  This is a way to bring the memory of flowers into you room and to remember there’s always beauty in the world.

I always wonder where the term makeup came from.  I always thought it meant two people coming together after a fight. LampsLightsGalore.com




28 2018 Jan

Light Fixtures And Lamp Shades Like An Orchid

Out of the category of light fixtures and lamp shades comes a shade with swirling lines and dotted colors that resemble various jewels in a revolving wind fall.  A vanilla color crowds this work of beauty.  This lamp shade makes one think of exotic flowers like an orchid, which is where it gets it’s name.

This lamp shade will not only put light in your room but will bring a sweet memory of flowers as well.  I’m not saying put your vanity in a lamp shade, but if your having a bad dream with ugly monsters chasing you, wake up and turn on your table lamp and look at the shade to make you feel beauty.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

26 2018 Jan

A Light Fixture That Lets Nature In

A light fixture that takes on the beauty of an acorn with a beige art glass shade. This fixture is crowned by sprouts oak branches and leafs made from copper that is handmade. The art glass shades is created using Meyda Tiffany’s famous copper construction. This light fixture gives a feeling of the outdoors in the atmosphere of any room. Call for lead time Meyda: 1-800-222-4009 # 203

My dog liked this fixture because it reminded him that his most important function was outside.  All dogs like things that remind them of trees and fire hydrants.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

25 2018 Jan

A Lantern Light Just Like The Old Days

A lantern lightt that’s a  wall light designed like a  lantern with a candela luminous intensity.  (By definition this means …of a source that emits monochromatic radiation of frequency 540×10(12 Hz) and has a radiant intensity in that direction of  1/683 watt per steradian-unit of solid angle . ) It’s alluring design has a black finish and clear glass lens which contains a candelabra bulb that illuminates from within.  LampsLightsGalore.com


Custom crafted by Meyda artisans in the Yorkville, NY manufacturing facility in the USA, the wall fixture is available in custom sizes, styles, and colors, and with dimmable energy efficient lamping options. This sconce is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations.


24 2018 Jan

Home Theater Lighting Ensures A Fully Cozy Experience

I love my home theater and I am always looking forward to spending some quality time watching some movies there. My home theater is the best way for me to get some quality entertainment and relaxation in at home. I love having the home theater and it helps me to reenergize in my home. I enjoy watching my favorite movies and shows.

The home theater is just like a real movie theater, only better. I don’t have to deal with crowds of people or with messy bathrooms or lines. I like that I can watch any movie on my own time and in full brilliance with my home theater. I always wanted one and I finally got a home theater set up at my home with my husband.

Getting some awesome home theater lighting was the next important step in creating the best home theater. The lighting that I got has been working well for us and it gives us the perfect dose of cozy. The lighting is soft yet it is gives us some bright light to see. The home theater has been turning out perfect thanks to some great lighting. The lighting is a great way for me to have the best atmosphere at home for our movie watching.  LampsLightsGalore.com

24 2018 Jan

Indoor Lighting Like A Lavender Diamond

Indoor Lighting takes on the design of a chandelier transformed into a inverse design in the form of a diamond with a lavender color.  With a six arm structure of shades surrounding the main shade, it gives a powerful appearance like a bald eagle with ornate arms finished in a warm off-green.

A person may have blue Mondays, but with this indoor lighting fixture you can change that situation to purple Mondays by installing this chandelier in your living room.  Hence, a solution is born.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com



23 2018 Jan

A Home Theater Lighting Like The Real Thing

A home theater lighting is an eye catching design that lights up a room like in a movie heater.

A strip of celluloid used to project a motion or still pictures used for a design to make this a genuine theater lighting.  To give it a proper symbol is a box of popcorn.  This light is a sconce that grasps the wall and creates the right amount of light that gives a theatre lighting atmosphere.

This home theater lighting fixture for those people who have fallen in love with the old time, or new time, theater atmosphere and want to take it home.  LampsLightsGalore.com

22 2018 Jan

Home Lighting With A Powerful Impression

Home Lighting that’s a wall sconce and a wall sconce that radiates a powerful impression.  There’s something about this sconce that reminds me of an European tower or something your would see in an ancient church with colored glass.

It’s like a pillar in light blue like a blue sky on a clear day.  The lines remind me of the decor on a pillar on a church in Rome. With all these impressions, can you imagine what this can do in your home.  Put it in a dark hallway and feel good looking at it every time you walk down this part of your house.  LampsLightsGalore.com