30 2017 Dec

A Bedroom Lamp That Is Victorian In Style

A bedroom  lamp styled in a Victorian manner.  A beige background accented by green and amethyst jewel like figures.  Dark brown colors mix into the design to give contrast.  The base of this lamp has matching stained glass with bronze metal base.

If a person wants to go to bed every night and feel good,  this bedroom table lamp next to your bed will give you sweet dreams.  With all the beauty in this bedroom lamp, you will dream like you’re a renown artist.  I dreamed i was painting a nude model.  When I woke up the next morning my wife asked me who is Jane.  I forgot i talk in my sleep.

29 2017 Dec

An Adjustable Floor Lamp On The Fly

An adjustable floor lamp that has a reach that allows the lamp shade to come closer to you.  This lamp is designed with a dragon fly in mind. Very colorful in character with jewel-like pieces of purple, sky blue, violet, scarlet red, and amber.  The arm and base are in brass and scrolls top the lamp.

When i first purchased this lamp i went to bed the following night and i dreamed i was a dragonfly flying all over the universe.  My wife asked me next time i fly off to the universe, bring me back some of those glistening jewels of red and amber that decorates the lamp.

28 2017 Dec

An Accent Lamp As A Beacon Of Hope

A beacon to passing ships has found itself in a accent lamp.These fixtures are intended to occupy empty spaces or corners giving a decorative and versatile look by drawing attention to other decorative objects.  They are good on top of mantels or any place were they would accent a space.

My wife told me I was a beacon of hope to my children.  That is, until one day i thought she said I was talking about bacon and started frying some.  She said i wasn’t suppose to feed my children bacon and asked how i could have meant something different.  So much for bacon and beacon.


26 2017 Dec

A Wall Sconce That Towers In Blue

A wall sconce radiates a powerful impression.  There’s something about this sconce that reminds me of an European tower or something your would see in an ancient church with colored glass.  It’s like a pillar in light blue like a blue sky on a clear day.  The lines remind me of the decor on a pillar on a church in Rome.

With all these impressions, can you imagine what this can do in your home.  Put it in a dark hallway and feel good looking at it every time you walk down this part of your house.

26 2017 Dec

Tiffany Lamps Keep My Home Cozy

I love finding some great Tiffany lamps that help me to have the perfect glow for my whole place. It is nice to have some really cozy lights with these lamps that I have been getting. The lamps give my home a really unique look and I have really been in love with these kinds of lamps. They are an awesome way for me to have the kind of atmosphere that I want to have.

I can find all sorts of lamps of the Tiffany kind online and it is nice to get these kinds of lights for my whole home. I love to find some great lamps for the living room and for the bedroom to add some cozy light there and for every other part of my home as well. The lamps are perfect for giving me light that is beautiful and soothing.

I have always loved the look of some Tiffany lamps and the ones that I have been getting for my home have been so awesome to have. The lamps are great for giving my home some serious style and I love that they give me light that is bright, yet soft enough to create a really cozy vibe. The lamps are nice for my home.

25 2017 Dec

A Tulip Floor Lamp With Tulip Design

A tulip floor lamp with multiple beauty and colored designs. The foundation of its lamp shade is beige with red tulips in a circular pattern combined with green leaves and amethyst jewels as an accent. A floor Lamp with beige glass panels with a foundation for various color designs with pinkish-red tulip design circling the shade with a setting of spring green leaves and a substance of crystallized quarts made into  jewel-like  figures and mahogany granite glass.

This tulip floor lamp will spice up the atmosphere of a room without glaring light and give a room a romantic mood.  Good for inviting your girl friend over.

22 2017 Dec

Tiffany Style Floor Lamp With Rainbow Like Color

A Tiffany Style Floor Lamp with a play of rainbow like color and retraction of light waves complimented with a top border of blue/green nautical shells A beige color lampshade provides a contrast with amber formed jewels.

A Tiffany style floor lamp with simplicity and artistic color take the imagination from one extreme to the other.  But being a Torchiere floor lamp means providing a soft light and adding illumination to areas where overhead lighting is inadequate, like a romanic lighting for romancing your wife or a girl friend.  I had to be careful, though, to keep my dog away from this lamp.  My friend brought over a female dog, and my dog started to get romantic.  Kind of embarrassing with your girl sitting next to you and two dogs are getting it on.


21 2017 Dec

A Tiffany Lamp That looks Like A Bird

A multi-colored Tiffany lamp including beige amber, yellow pinks, red purples, and many more colorful combinations. Like all the colors of a Peacock, this lamp covers it all.  Like all the colors in a rainbow, there are yellow pinks, red purples, amethyst etc.

This not only brings colorful art in your home with a touch of nature as well.  You can’t alway enjoy the beauty of a Peacock unless you live out in the woods, and happen to catch the sight of one.  My wife even tried to find a pattern like a peacock and try to make it in a dress.  I told her I just liked the way she is.


20 2017 Dec

A Creole Table Lamp French Style

A Creole Table Lamp in a French lighting design composed of three petals bound together near their bases and known from the former royal arms of France. Originally it appears in gold on a blue field. But in this case its highlighted with leafy green scrollwork and amber glass jewels on a beige background.

The shade, which was created using Meyda Tiffany?s famous copperfoil construction process, is trimmed in Root Beer Ripple Glass on the bottom while the top border features a Multicolored Dark Blue. This beautiful shade is supported by a sturdy, handsome table lamp finished in Mahogany Bronze.

17 2017 Dec

A Peacock Lamp That Has The Blues

An excursion into blue with a peacock table lamp.  A Peacock lamp reaching for the sky and bluer than blue is what this peacock  lace table lamp is all about.  All kinds of color accents enrich this lace pattern in blue such as beige amber, yellow pinks, red purples, golden blues and greens, ivories, bluish whites, turquoise blues and on and on.  Can’t go wrong on this one.

One thing about  Peacocks’ feathers is no two shades will ever be the same.  And that reminds me of what my wife said, “I have no two personalities the same.”  That’s why I quit drinking.