24 2017 Nov

A Ceiling Mount Light That’s Dear To Us

A ceiling mount light that would make hunters or nature lovers or animal lovers cheer up on occasion as they would glance at the ceiling in their home.  A white tail deer leaping among the trees makes for pleasant memories of past memorable times spent in nature.  Now those times are in your own home and at your disposal.  In addition the materials are of high quality made from silver mica framed in antique copper.

This is Bambi at it’s best.  Samuel Butler once wrote, “All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it.”  This ceiling mount light is a good reminder.  LampsLightsGalore.com


20 2017 Nov

A Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan Goes Garden

A ceiling light fixture with fan shade custom made designed after leaves and apples with care and beauty only Tiffany can do. Because of this item is custom made, please call for lead time. Call Meyda custom lighting 1-800 222-4009 x 203 Fan not included.

This fixture will not only be the apple of your eye, but knowing when you turn on the fan you will be the recipient of a handmade work of art.  When you beautify your home, and no matter what else you add to your home, this fixture will fit and add to whatever else you have added or what is there.  LampsLightGalore.com

18 2017 Nov

A Ceiling Light Fixture That Glows Like Rubies

A ceiling light fixture (titled Fleur-de-lis) is French for a royal arms of France, and the top of the lamp is a border that circles this three- petal insignia.  This fixture is a custom crafted item that comprises many jewel like colors and borders that can remind one of a rainbow, and then some, like flower bouquets. If your looking for an artful structure and ceiling light, this is the one. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

So if you are one who likes to stare at the ceiling in self-reflection and hope to see the light, this ceiling light fixture will give you many colors to choose from.  LampsLightsGalore.com


16 2017 Nov

Bedroom Lighting Like Tampa Bay Florida

This semi-flushmount  bedroom ceiling light fixture is called that name because it reminds one of a port and resort on the western coast of Florida.  It’s deep blue streaks and leaf like green shapes both are similar to the ocean and palm leaves.

On the base of this light fixture there are light brown shapes like sails on a sailboat.  How enchanting it would be to turn this light on or off in the bedroom with this kind of image illuminating your room like it was a special occasion.  LampsLightGalore.com

15 2017 Nov

A Bedroom Lamp That Can Be Useful

A Bedroom Lamp that can be mounted on a wall  behind a bed or where it would be needed.  Even though it’s a sconce (wall light fixture) it could be useful in a bedroom.  It’s checkered design with a royal arms of France give it’s glass shade a unique and artful accent.

These sconce lamps and be useful in the bathroom.  Perfect for grooming.  Install one above the mirror or one one either side of the mirror, and adore your self with pleasure.  Even my dog liked to look at himself when i held him up the mirror.  When he howled it sounded like i like me.  LampsLightsGalore.com

12 2017 Nov

An Adjustable Floor Lamp That’s Flexible

An adjustable floor lamp with a country sunflower look.  Growing on stalks of green leaves and a tilted shade makes this lamp easy to light on the person reading.  A shade attached to a over- hanging bridge arm and floor lamp base with mahogany bronze finish, complete a versatile floor lamp.

Flower up your day with this beauty.  It will like bring your garden in your own home.  It’s like what do you call a person who goes to bed at night and dreams of sunny days?  Answer:  A person about to buy a wild sunflower bridge arm floor lamp.  LampsLightsGalore.com

10 2017 Nov

An Accent Lamp With A Christmas Twist

An accent  lamp 4.5″ high  will put the accent right where you want it–on Christmas.  Red and Green stained glass and amber and jewel jewel accents make this an holiday atmosphere. We didn’t forget the snow which underlies the sleigh and the presents inside.

Time to light up a corner of the room with an accent lamp that will make a Christmas atmosphere special and unique.  These lamps can make a room warm and inviting, and improve the decor of any room, that is except the toilet.  But who cares how a toilet looks on Christmas.  LampsLightsGalore.com

10 2017 Nov

Beautiful Accent Lamps Make My Home Look Great

As I began to look for some different kinds of lamps that I could use around my home, I became completely enthralled with some lovely kinds of lamps that were small ones that could be placed just about anywhere around my home. It was easy enough for me to find some really beautiful accent lights that I could use around my home to make it so that my home would look a lot nicer.

Being able to find the perfect kinds of lamps to use around my home was something that was extremely important to me as I knew that these different lamps would be ones that would be very beautiful to look at. I had to make it so that I could pick out some different types of accent lamps that would always look great around my home. Finding the perfect lamps was something that was fairly easy for me.

With just the right kinds of lamps that I could use around my home all the time, I was able to really make it so that my home would look a whole lot more attractive. I found some amazing kinds of lamps that were ones that I knew would look spectacular in my space.

8 2017 Nov

A Wall Sconce With Strong Lines

A wall sconce (wall light) with a arrowhead design and beige and sunburst glass shade, and red arrowhead accent give this fixture a Mission style.  This wall sconce is constructed using Meyda Tiffany’s famous copperfoil construction process.

A wall light can mean more that a porch light fixture.  This wall sconce has simple class that can enhance a room like no other.  It’s colorful brightness can add a touch of Spanish or South American ornamentation.  This wall light is useful in lighting up dark corners, or kissing a potential lover goodnight under a romantic light setting.  LampsLightGalore.com

5 2017 Nov

A Tiffany Style Floor Lamp Gone Indigo


A Tiffany style floor lamp reminiscent of Tiffany’s design from the early 1900’s in a color of blue and violet (indigo). A three light design from shades mouth blown glass and forming lily shades suspended from a base in mahogany bronze. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

A touch of Tiffany hand crafted genius.  There’s blue skies, blue seas, blue clothes, blue people, and now we have a blue floor lamp with a lily design.  This is art glass lighting that is an original. A cheaper and less grand materials than those originally made by Louis Tiffany, can be purchased probably off an assembly line. It’s up to the buyer. Do you want blue or bluer than blue.  LampsLightsGalore.com