30 2017 Sep

A Bar Fly Billiard Light Fixture

A Billiard Light fixture that is a honey amber stained glass background, outlining an 39 inch long fixture, crossed billiard cues, and multicolored ball images is what this billiard light is all about.  Added t this is an frame and hardware made in a textured black finish and a 8 ball in the middle of a circular design as an added accent.

You don’t have to frequent bars to like this billiard light because it’s so decorative and will differently give your pool room atmosphere.  You and your players will feel good with this kind of accent and might even enjoy your game more. LampsLightsGalore.com

28 2017 Sep

Indoor Lighting Lights Up My Great Memories

I love to be able to have the right kind of lighting for my home to help me to have the right mood in my home. It is great to be able to fully relax in my home with friends and with family and to enjoy having some great times. I am always looking forward to spending some time at my home whether I want to enjoy some peaceful time by myself or some great conversations with friends.

Finding the right kind of lighting for my home has been really important to me. It is great to find the right lighting for every room in the house. I can find some great floor lamps and some awesome ceiling lamps for every room to make sure that I can light up the conversation and the good times perfectly. The right light makes a really big difference.

Indoor lighting for my home helps me to be able to light up the moments that I have in my home and to always have the right atmosphere for those moments. I love finding some floor lamps that I can put in a cozy corner or some table lamps that will light up my work area perfectly. There are always some great new lighting options to try out.  LampsLightsGalore.com

27 2017 Sep

A Bedroom Lighting Idea Good For Sleeping

A Bedroom Lighting fixture that is a table lamp that shines like a sunset.  Red roses and blue, green flowers circle this lampshade giving a border of beauty.  A antique copper finished lamp base with a cabbage leaf design complete this work of Tiffany’s famous design.  This could give a bedroom a cheerful atmosphere and something pleasant to go to sleep with. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

If you are in bed with your husband or wife, and your mate gets a hunger for a pizza at four AM,  just turn on this table lamp.  With all it’s color and beauty, your mate might forget about eating.  Talk to her or him about Mexico and the possibility of someday taking  a vacation there someday.  All that sunset color in the shade will call up that image as well as pizza.  After that, you can get down to further business, like sleeping.

25 2017 Sep

A Bed Lamp That Is The Grapes Of Goodness

A bedroom Lamp that is not the grapes of wrath but the grapes of goodness.  A beige glass lamp colored with grapes on a vine.  A band of geometric lines give accents that give an artful touch.  It does give a bedroom a decor out of the ordinary.  Nice to have this treasured fixture close to your bed when you turn off the lights.  Who knows.  Your might have pleasant dreams.

This kind of bed lamp is useful to decorate space if your not the type who likes to read in bed–though this can be possible.  This bedroom lamp might be useful for diffused lighting while watching television in bed. It could bring contentment by having something out of the ordinary beside you bed because of its artistic workmanship.  LampsLightsGalore.com


23 2017 Sep

An Adjustable Floor Lamp That’s Sunny

An adjustable floor lamp with a country sunflower look.  Growing on stalks of green leaves and a tilted shade makes this lamp easy to light on the person reading.  A shade attached to a over- hanging bridge arm and floor lamp base with mahogany finish, complete a versatile floor lamp.

Who would’t want a floor lamp that expresses sun flowers and gets the light where you want it with a reduction of glare.  My son bought this lamp into the toilet.  He likes to read while waiting.  I asked him why the table lamp. He said the lamp has sun flowers on the shade, and sunflowers need to be near water.  Oh well, he’s only three years old.  LampsLightsGalore.com

21 2017 Sep

An Accent Lamp That is Angelical

An accent lamp that will bring you back to the Victorian age.  An accent lamp with a cherub sitting on a swing, and made in hand finished brass in mahogany bronze, and further accented by a tiered glass shade.

If your want to flatter your wife or girlfriend, buy her this lamp as a birthday or anniversary present, and tell he she reminds you of an angel.   Tell her you bought this lamp to prove your point and, that is, she reminds you of an angel of the second highest order of the of the ninefold celestial hierarchy.  When i presented this accent lamp she grew suspicious and said what was i trying to hide–another women or an affair.  I told her I just adored angels.  Somehow, she didn’t believe me.  LampsLightsGalore.com

18 2017 Sep

A Tulip Floor Lamp That Can Flower Your Home

A tulip floor lamp with multiple beauty. The foundation of its lamp shade is beige with red tulips in a circular pattern combined with green leaves and amethyst jewels as an accent. A floor Lamp with beige glass panels with a foundation for various color designs with pinkish-red tulip design circling the shade with a setting of spring green leaves and a substance of crystallize quarts made into  jewel-like  figures and mahogany granite glass.

This is stained glass at its best.  If you have ugly furniture in your house, this tulip floor lamp will make you forget.  LampsLightsGalore.com

17 2017 Sep

A Tiffany Style Floor Lamp On A Lily Pad


A floor lamp with an abundance and diversity of color.  Lilies and buds rest on green lily pads that float on smooth blue waters.  All this is supported on a floor lamp base  finished in mahogany bronze.

A Tiffany style  floor lamp with an abundance and If you want something different to give your girl friend,  you can’t say it with flowers because that’s not different.  But saying it with lilies and adding a beautify Tiffany Style floor lamp,  that’s different.  Also you don’t have to bring her to the beach to show her your body.  Let the lilies  do it for you–especially if your a 90 pound weakling.  LampsLightsGalore.com

15 2017 Sep

A Tiffany Lamp Like A Rose Garden

A Tiffany Lamp with mixed A Tiffany lamp with colors spotted on the stained glass shade resembling jewels and green leaves. Its foundation is a Mahogany Bronze base that is hand finished.

You may of promised your family a rose garden but didn’t feel like planting a garden.  This Tiffany lamp is the answer. It’s speckled beauty will bring a flower atmosphere in your home.  Your family will forget about a garden and the fact you don’t have a green thumb, and your ambition doesn’t go any further than your armchair.  So if you want to cheat, do it in style.  LampsLightsGalore.com

13 2017 Sep

A Peacock Lamp Bluer Than Blue


A Peacock Lamp multi-colored with the accent on blues, and a checkerboard at the top of the glass lamp colored in whites, beige amber and ivories.  Like all Meyda’s productucts, pieces of glass are done by copperfoil construction.  Each shade is unique in their color variations.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

This Peacock Floor Lamp I just bought helped my wife light up her life.  You had been down in her mood lately.  It used to be called the blues in the old days when a person was like that.  I used reverse psychology on her.  When she looked at all the blue on the lamp shade,  it reminded her of that old song, “Blue Skies looking at me”. She’s been thinking of blue skies ever since.  LampsLightsGalore.com