31 2017 Aug

Home Theater Lighting Just Like A Movie Theater

A home theater lighting is an eye catching design that lights up a room like in a movie theater. A strip of celluloid used to project a motion or still pictures is used for a design to make this a genuine theater lighting.  To give it a proper symbol is a box of popcorn.  This light is a sconce that grasps the wall and creates the right amount of light that gives a theatre lighting atmosphere.

Marriage is more than a word.  I can be a movie but in your own home.  This home theater can let you go back to those days when you found romance in a movie theater.  Your wife will love it and you too.  LampsLightsGalore.com


24 2017 Aug

A Hanging Lamp That Is A Trio Of Color

A hanging lamp that is a trio of a purple, green, and white pattern.  It’s like three is the magic word for this shade.  It’s like raining down beauty and simplicity from the ceiling in any room where it can easily conform .A checkered board sensation of ruby-like colors in green, purple, and white in three hanging lamps in a trio of lighting.

I knew a man who said he was burnt out on his job.  He said it was the third job he’d had in a month, and he said that the third time around was suppose to be a charm.   I advised him to keep from marrying the boss.    LampsLightsGalore.com

23 2017 Aug

A Peacock Lamp Gives Me Just The Right Glow

I love finding all kinds of great lighting solutions when it comes to having the right kind of cozy light I need to have for my daily needs. It is nice having some great lighting that I can use to give every part of my home a cozy and elegant glow. The right lighting really transforms the way that I feel in my home and it really makes a big difference.

Finding some great lighting for my home is really nice when it comes to creating the most inviting home day and night. I enjoy getting some great lighting for my place whether it is a new table lamp or it is a trendy floor lamp. There are some nice lighting solutions out there that help me to enjoy the time that I am spending at my home and have some nice relaxation.

Finding the right kinds of lighting essentials for my home is something that I am always really looking forward to doing. I recently got a peacock lamp that features a fun design and has proved to be just what I was looking for. The lamp is perfect in the living room for when I want to have some quiet reading time and it works well for the kind of atmosphere that I want to have.  LampsLightGalore.com

19 2017 Aug

A Floor Lamp Bringing The Sun In With The Light

A floor lamp with the heart of the sun.  A plum/respberry colored glass shade that shines and looks like the sun in your living room,  giving a 20th century motif by the searching efforts of Meyda design team.

A proper floor lamp especially for those who hate the darkness of winter, and would like a reminder that the light of the sun isn’t too far away.  I once heard a song don’t let the sun catch you sleeping.  That’s a lot better than don’t let the dark catch you dying.  LampsLightGalore.com

13 2017 Aug

A Desk Lamp Than Fans Out Like A Peacock

A Peacock Tiffany desk lamp which fans out like a peacock’s feathers in the wild.  With this you can be sure a desk lamp won’t be boring to look at as you do your paper work or just want something to give a corner light.  The base of this lamp is artfully carved in mahogany bronze finish and is topped with curly designs that reaches out and fixes the light over your desk.

Sometimes i think peacocks are a lot like humans, when they go looking for love they know how to put on the beauty.  All they do is fan out the feathers in the wild. Then the beginning of love at first sight.  It’s a shame that men can’t grow pretty feathers, after two people have been looking at themselves for years, so as to bring back the old spark of love.  If that should be the case.  LampsLightsGalore.com



11 2017 Aug

A Table Lamp That Gives A New Meaning To Color

This table lamp is an explosion in an intricate design of color not usually seen. A back own of purple, blue and green set the tone.  Leaves are of a shaded green and blue with various other colors as an accompaniment.  The base is finished in a mahogany bronze.

My wife complains our house looks like a dump. She wants me to go outside and plant a garden of flowers.  I told her it’s a lot of work and i didn’t want to do it.  So i bought her this table lamp instead.  She’s never been happier.  I told my friend about it.  His wife has mental problem so he purchased this lamp in order to cheer her up.  He said there was a problem. She wants to take it outside and plant it.  LampsLightsGalore.com

7 2017 Aug

A Decorative Lamp That Promised A Rose Garden

A decorative lamp that’s found its way to pink rose mode and stayed there.  It’s like it refused to leave.  This floral design is a lavish floral design that can take the ugliness out of the dreariest atmosphere.  It’s floor base  is finished in mahogany bronze.

White is the color of virgins and a clear-eyed thinker.  Pink is the color of some roses and sore, red eyeballs after watching too much television and drinking too much beer. Now, you ask, what do the two colors have in common.  One is before and innocent, and the other is after the fact and reminds one he should have never done it in the first place.  LampsLightsGalore.com


6 2017 Aug

A Decorative Chandelier That Lights Up More Than Once

A decorative chandelier with 6 lantern-like lights with a checkered pattern in black that act like accents.  All of the lights are a darken yellow illuminations with a vessel of metal arms reaching out and connecting to each light.

How could something so simple could be so pretty.  I once said that to a girl i was dating.  Later when we married  and we had six children,  and i realized there was nothing simple about that.  Then one of the children grew up to be a genius. I ask my wife about that.  I ask her i thought she was simple.  She told me never to judge a book by it’s cover.  LampsLightsGalore.com

5 2017 Aug

A Decorative Lamp Gives Me More than Just Light

As I have been working on finding the perfect kinds of items that I can use around my home to light up the spaces around my house, I have been working on finding the perfect kinds of lamps that will make the space look nice. I don’t just want lamps that will give me light. It is important for any lamp in my home to also be something that will provide my home with a bit more decoration as well.

So that I can find the perfect lamps, I have begun to look around online and to try to find the right kinds of lamps that I can work with. It is so easy for me to be able to find the perfect types of lamps that are ones that I can enjoy having in my home. With so many lamps to choose from, finding decorative lamp options that have the right kind of style is something that is so simple for me.

With a lot of different kinds of lamps that I can work with, I know that I will be able to enjoy using lamps around my home much more often. It is fantastic for me to be able to work with my lamps and to be able to find ones that make the most sense in each space.  LampsLightsGalore.com

4 2017 Aug

A Ceiling Mount Light That Will Not Leaf You Alone

An orb-shaped ceiling light fixture designed in leaf-shaped pedals with various green colors.  It’s accents are berry red jewel designs that give an unique contrast.  This design was used to celebrate  winter and new growth in certain cultures.  This leaf motif is detailed in  a warm mahogany bronze finish

A  ceiling mount light that is used to celebrate winter and new growth, or that was/is the reason in some .  I guess you could say we in America celebrate the coming of winter and new growth by Christmas.  As the years progress: i get older, fatter, balder, and that’s a new growth i can do without.  Even Santa Clause looks skinnier ever winter.  So much for celebrating the coming of winter.  But i will buy the ceiling mount light anyway.  LampsLightsGalore.com