30 2017 Jun

Home Lighting In A Flushmount Deer Style

A home lighting flushmount ceiling light that would make hunters or nature lovers or animal lovers cheer up on occasion as they would glance at the ceiling in their home.  A white tail deer leaping among the trees makes for pleasant memories of past memorable times spent in nature.  Now those times are in your own home and at your disposal.  In addition the materials are of high quality made from silver mica framed in antique copper.

When i brought this home lighting fixture home and installed it, my wife accused me of nothing but an old, out-door bear.  She said all i like to do was tramp around the woods and hunt animals.  I had to remind her that’s how we met.   LampsLightsGalore.co

29 2017 Jun

A Hanging Light In Modern Sophistication

A hanging light hand-finished in brass with smoke colored glass suspended from two sturdy metal rings.  The rings can be adjusted up or down independently of each other.  LED’s inside the rings for energy saving and ambient illumination.

This hanging light (pendant) gives the impression of something one would see in star war’s movies.  I hung this on the ceiling of my business and some of my customers were more interested in looking up at this fixture than looking at my merchandise.  It got to the point to where i had to put up a poster of Marilyn Monroe on my front door to keep my customer’s attention where I wanted it to be.  LampsLightGalore.com


28 2017 Jun

A Hanging Lamp Like A rainbow

A Hanging  lamp that reminds a person of the beach:  blue skies, blue ocean, golden sandy beach, colorful surf boards.  It’s triangular shape is like a diamond falling out of the sky.  Resplendent in color and sunlight and encased in a mahogany bronze finish.

This is an in an pendent lamp  and that   it avoids a sharp glare and gives a relaxing environment.  The varied color scheme gives a room an decorated effect and can affect morale of the family and visitors.  If any bad moods happen to effect the family, it might be a good idea to look at the ceiling, influencing others to do the same.  Others will say,”What are you looking at”?  Then you just say  you have a stiff neck.  LampsLightsGalore.com

27 2017 Jun

A Desk Lamp That Swirls It’s Way To Beauty

A torchiere desk lamp can be a short cut to interior decorating because it sets a mood for part of or a whole room.  Because the light of a torchiere table or floor light have a reverse shade position, the light comes out the top giving a room a unique, lustrous atmosphere.  This desk lamp has a soft green color intertwined and swirling in a velvet white back grown which gives it a garden accent on a clear day.

There’s no way you can feel ugly from a bad day when you sit at a desk and start working and not see some beauty in life.  However, it might be advisable not to look in a mirror for awhile.   LampsLightsGalore.com


27 2017 Jun

Stunning Table Lamps Look Great in My Cabin

table lampsWhen I recently began to look for some different kinds of lamps that I might be able to add into my cabin up in the mountains, I was set on getting something a little bit unique. I really wanted to be able to find some different kinds of lamps like these that would be beautiful to use on a regular basis. There are so many different kinds of lamps that are perfect to use.

It is amazing to be able to go online and just look at all of the beautiful lamps that are available everywhere. I was able to spend a really good amount of time looking at the different types of table lamps and finding all of the ones that I knew would look great in my cabin. Finding the perfect set with a real rustic look to it was something that was so important to me.

Now that I have some great new rustic lamps, I have managed to make it so my home looks a lot better. These different lamps are ones that are absolutely stunning to look at. It is great to be able to have some wonderful lamps that are ones that I can use on a regular basis. GO TO LAMPS.LIGHTS.GALORE.COM

25 2017 Jun

A Decorative Lamp For A Table That’s Lily Pure

A decorative lamp for a table that goes back to the style of the 1930’s–proving that real artful beauty never goes out of style.  Ten white and pink lily shades seem to grow out of a Lily pad base finished in mahogany bronze.

This decorative lamp illustrates art therapy because it make me feel good to look at it.  This lamp makes me think of myself and the delicate, sensitive, positive potential we all are capable of.  It can be in your own home.  You don’t have to grow lilies in your yard which will soon decompose.  Not a bad deal if i say so.  LampsLightGalore.com


24 2017 Jun

A Floor Lamp With A Dual Purpose

A floor lamp in a beige textrene shade that crowns a bronze base with rope like accents swooping upward to a walnut stained pedestal.  A design rarely seen in floor lamps. It’s like a table and a lamp in one piece.

I  like a floor lamp where you sit in a chair and read and drink a cup of coffee and have a place to lay the coffee or book while you do things like going to the bathroom.  This way you always have something to come back to.  Nothing worse than to come back from the bathroom and forget where you laid your book.   LampsLightsGalore.


22 2017 Jun

A Decorative Chandelier With Circular Look

A  decorative chandelier with distinctive features like a ring design with scrolls as an accent, with eight ivory candle- like lights contrasted with a dark brown colored structure.

This decorative chandelier is a good example of beauty in simplicity.  It’s a good example of “less is better”. I once had a girfriend I apologized to her for going bald, and that she was understanding for being seen with someone without movie star looks.  Then I added that grass doesn’t grow on a busy street.  She then added she was a country girl and liked the forrest.  LampsLightsGalore.com

21 2017 Jun

An Ceiling Mount Light Goes Native


If the native Americans invented the arrow head, they  must have gotten the point and invented the tepee.  I wonder if ballerinas, who sometimes dance on their toes, didn’t also get the idea from the American Indians who also got the point.  Then theres Tiny Tim who also got the point with tiptoeing through the tulips.  LampsLightGalore.com


19 2017 Jun

A Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan


Three lights clustered together with a fish scale pattern of colored glass pieces giving a jewel-like effect.  Fan not included.

Nothing like a ceiling light fixture with fan, except a tornado coming down on your kitchen when preparing dinner.  This ceiling light fixture with fan not only does the job of cooling you and everyone off and removing unpleasant kitchen orders, it helps with guests that might find air conditioning uncomfortable.  I like this one i installed because it does all that i said, but also adds beauty where ever it’s installed.  It’s not just a plane old thing hanging around the house, like my old slippers.  My dog got so tired of bringing them to me, one day he chewed them up.  LampsLightsGalore.com