30 2017 Mar

A Home Lighting Fixture That’s Absolutely Ducky

A home lighting wall light with an amber effect witlh a luminary accent that shines in the middle like a sun. It’s object in the glass in a duck (loon) resting in a pond.

It remindes me of an old saying about a bird in the bush. A bird in the hand is better than one in the bush. Here its a duck in a glass is better, sometimes, than a duck in the pond. This home lighting fixture would be good for a bathroom or a bedroom giving out a subtle luminary light.

The only thing a parent has to be careful about is leave the ducks in your pond in the back yard.  Children will have the tendency to bring them in the house and put them in the bathtub, and that would not be ducky–especially it your wife decides to take a bath at that moment.  LampsLightsGalore.com

29 2017 Mar

Indoor Lighting That Can Light Up The World

This indoor lighting fixture can travel anywhere and be a treasured art collectable that can fit the taste of just about anybody.  Its obvious that its custom made.  No machine or assemble line could make these patterns.

I purchased this lighting fixture for my home and when my guest come over that’s the first thing they notice.  They kid me an ask me what museum did i steal this indoor lighting fixture.  I installed it above the dining table and when we all sit down, my guests keep looking up.  The first time i ever seen people eating looking at the ceiling.  Maybe they’re giving thanks.  LampsLightsGalore.com

28 2017 Mar

A Decorative Chandelier Lights Up Heart Warming Conversation

Having some nice lighting in my apartment to set the right mood is something that has always been really important to me. I love to have some great mood lighting in my place whether I want to feel serene in the bedroom, energized in the living room, or I want to feel refreshed in the bathroom. It is amazing what the right kind of lighting can do for a space.

I am always looking to update my home with some new lighting accents and I recently got a great chandelier of the decorative kind that has been just what I needed for my dining room area. This chandelier features a gothic design and it has an antique style to it. It is elegant and stunning and sets the mood just right.

With my decorative chandelier, I can light up all of my heart warming conversation around some great food. I love to have guests over for a dinner party and to enjoy a good meal under the chandelier or to eat an intimate meal with my girl friend under the perfect glow of the new chandelier. It has just the style that I was looking for and it gives the dining room a really unique look.  LampsLightsGalore.com

27 2017 Mar

Home Theater Lighting Goes Fishing

An home theater lighting is an elongated hanging light sometimes used over pool tables but has other uses like light for a kitchen. This light is decoraive in a sporting way giving the emphasis to a wooodlake scenario with a fisherman and his canine. The backdrop is a golden sky suggesting fishing at sunrise hooking a trout. The frame and all it’s decor are featured in antique copper finish.

An home theater lighting with this land, lake, and fishing scenario would be perfect in your basement home with pool tables.  You can invite your fishing friends over to play pool and lie to each other about who, lately,  caught the biggest fish.  LampsLightGalore.com

26 2017 Mar

A Tiffany Style Floor Lamp Completely Colorful

A Tiffany Style Floor Lamp is stained glass lighting custom made with the invention of Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1875 whose artistic genius made this possible.  You are not only getting light but a work of art mounted on a brass base, as well.

Mr. Tiffany started this idea by using leftover glass pieces from stained glass windows.  These lamps do not come off an assembly line but are custom made, each time from an unique pattern.  Meyda custom lighting is the manufacture.  You can shop these lights and many others by going to:  Lamps.Lights.Galore.com


21 2017 Mar

A Wall Sconce That Gets Domed, Not Down

A Wall Scone Tiffany wall light with a shade made from art glass with a look of woven fabric with a fringed skirt. It’s domed structure is in a plum brown color with brick like designs on it top in emeraid, cobalt and ruby make-up. It also has a mahogany bronze finish.

What do you can a light that has fringes?  Lighting on the fringes.  That’s better than living on the fringes. LampsLightsGalore.com

20 2017 Mar

A Hanging Light Just Like The Good Old Days

A Hanging Light (pendant ceiling light) with amber shade light and black streaks all in a V shaped form. Copper finish makes it complete with LED (dimmable energy efficient), and available in sizes, colors, and custom designs.A pendant hanging light like a design seen in Hollywood theaters. Let Hollywood come to you.

I can remember as a boy being in a theatre and seeing these hanging lights in the theatre.  We used to seek in the back door because we didn’t have the money for the admission.  (my friends and me)  I never did see the end of the movie because the manager caught up with us and kicked us out before the end of the movie.  I guess crime doesn’t pay.  LampsLightsGalore.com

19 2017 Mar

A Table Lamp Where Dandelions Come Out Of Darkness

A table lamp like a sunshine in a garden with this Tiffany table lamp with it’s yellow dandelions and green leaves and red berries. A bluish background provides a multicolored blue granite stage. Top and bottom of this ornamental glass shade are borders of beige accented with red glass-like jewels.

With a lovely Mahogany Bronze finished base and yellow flowers and red like berries, this is enough to make anyone grow a green finger.  This table lamp is so pretty it attracted my dog.  He likes to go into our garden outside and play in it.  This table lamp inspired it when he was in the house and lying next to the lamp.  One good thing is i don’t have to worry about our garden getting enough fertilizer.  LampsLightsGalore.com

17 2017 Mar

A Hanging Light That Is driven To Be Ducky.

A hanging light that makes a hunter want to leave the house and flirt with nature.  But if you can’t leave the house, this hanging light is a good reminder of some past good times and more to follow.  That is , if your the outdoor type.

I took my oldest daughter out duck hunting and she was grateful.  She said she was tired of playing house and playing with dolls.  When a duck flew overhead, she didn’t raise her riffle high enough and some of the buckshot ended up in my behind.  Lesson to be learned:  Never turn you back on a child with a loaded riffle, unless you don’t mind standing up for every event for a couple weeks.  LampsLightsGalore.com

15 2017 Mar

A Hanging Light Like A Chalice Of Jewels

If one is looking for a way to color one’s world, this hanging light is a good place to start.  The color scheme is like a artful of treasure-color galore.

I have kids who love color books, you know, the one’s that have shapes to fill in with colored pencils. When they saw this hanging light on a website, they said they had to have it.  So, i bought it and hung it in my living room.  Now they stopped coloring and sit in a lotus position and hum Mantras as they look at the hanging light.  Well at least they got religion.  I have been trying for years to get them interested.  Next thing they are going to want is a trip to India.  LampsLightsGalore.com