28 2017 Feb

A Decorative Lamp With A Bird In The Bush

A bird in the hand is better than a bird in the bush.  But if you hang this decorative lamp in your home, you’ll have to be happy with the bird in the bush.  But that’s OK because it’s prettier that way.

This reminds of the fact my wife is a bird watcher and wanted me to go out in the woods to catch a certain breed of bird to bring home.  I ran into a grizzly bear and got in my truck and hastened home.  When i got home i told my wife i found her bird.  She asked me where it was and i said the bear ate it.  She said why i allowed that and i told her better the bird than me.  So i bought this decorative lamp with a bird inside to keep her happy.  LampsLightsGalore.com

28 2017 Feb

A Billiard Light Looks Great Hanging in My Home

As I have recently been working on finding some more lighting fixtures that I might be able to place in different areas of my home, I have been spending some time online looking at some great items that I can use all of the time. It is wonderful to be able to find the right kinds of products that I can use on a regular basis to decorate my home wonderfully.

Getting lights that are decorative as well as handy to have around is something that is extremely important on the whole. It is definitely a lot easier to do this when I can use some great billiard light options and other beautiful types of lights that can hang in the various areas of my home. The right kinds of items are items that are good to have around.

With beautiful kinds of lights that I can use all of the time, I know that I will be making my home into something that is a lot more beautiful. It is fantastic to be able to spend a whole bunch of time looking at these lights and choosing the right ones to use on a regular basis to make my home look nicer.  LampsLightsGalore.com

27 2017 Feb

An Hanging Light That Is An adventure In Color

This Hanging Light (inverted pendant) is what i think of as a dark beauty shining at night like a rare star in the heavens.   It shines like a sinister beauty coming out of darkness.

When i first hung this hanging light in the living room it scared my kids.  They were little then.  I had the light dimmed and was watching TV.  When they came in the room and got their first glimpse at the light,  they thought it was a flying saucer.  It scared the dog too.  Between the dog howling and the hanging light, they thought the end of the world was coming.  I told them they had been good and not to worry.  God was not out to get them.  LampsLightsGalore.


25 2017 Feb

A Decorative Chandelier Inspired By Italian Art

27421This decorative chandelier will catch your eye like a big pizza pie.  In fact–three of them in a row.There seem to be a cheerfulness and simplicity  in this three tiered chandelier.  Just looking at it makes you want to go to an Italian wedding and sing and dance– like the one in the movie the Godfather.

I used to have a neighbor who was an Italian and used to sing Italian arias and folk songs around his house frequently.  We lived in a row housing complex and we could hear him sing all the time, and it got to be annoying.  So i put my dog up on the window and opening it so the dog could hear the singing.  Sure enough, every time the neighbor started singing the dog started howling.  The singing stopped never to be heard again.  I ask the man at the pet shop, where i bought the dog, where the dog came from.  He said it came from Italy.  LampsLightsGalore.com

24 2017 Feb

A Ceiling Mount Light With Geometric Sophistication

178890A ceiling mount light that would look good in any ceiling in any room.  Its amber shade and accent colored lines draw attention to itself.  Its color is the color of wheat.  If you’ve grown up on a farm and had to harvest wheat, this may remain you of hard work or it may remind you of the good old days of your youth.

Because of my working on the farm in my youth, as a reward for my labor I was allowed one request and I said that  i wanted to go to the zoo.  My parents would not give me this request.  I asked why and they said the zoo might keep me.  Every time i look at this ceiling mount light in my house, i am reminded of that remark and to this day i can’t figure it out why they said that.  LampsLightsGalore.com

22 2017 Feb

Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan In Apple Blossom Time

28660-2_07This is one of those ceiling light fixtures with fan you have to buy the fan separately.  This colorful shade of painted glass can light up any room and bring some of nature with it along with a cool breeze.

This  reminds me when i was growing up and the teacher told us, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”   So we, as a class, went and bought a case of apples and gave it to a doctor.  So the doctor’s wife was appreciative and made apple sauce out of the apples, and brought the sauce to the class so we could enjoy it.  So much for keeping the doctor away.  We got rid of him and gained a wife.  LampsLightGalore.com

21 2017 Feb

A Ceiling Light Fixture In The Blue Of The Night

178830Who ever said that blue is affiliated with the blues.  The meaning of which is   downhearted, feeling sad, etc–something we heard in the past where songs were about people carrying a torch.

But this ceiling light fixture is so beautiful that it reminds me of a pretty song, “In the Still of the Night” where good things happen especially to people falling in love.

My dog was so impressed with this ceiling light fixture that he got hypnotized looking at it.  I didn’t have to bring him to obedience school.  He did everything I told him to do.  But he did came home with the neighbors newspaper which he swiped off their doorstep.  Well he’s always had a mind of his own.  Nobody’s perfect.  Even dogs.  LampsLightsGalore.com

20 2017 Feb

A Billiard Light That Captures A Wild Pig

108771A Billiard Light With A Wild Pig On The Run.  What will they think of next? It certainly would give a group of people playing pool something to talk about.

One of my friends, while we were playing pool, said the pig in the lamp reminded him of a cop chasing him when he was young and foolish and doing no good.  Another friend said it reminded him, long time ago, of running out of a bedroom he shouldn’t have been in.  Another person said it reminded him of a date he had the other night.  He swore he was going to quit drinking.  One thing can be said, a billiard light is a good conversation piece.  LampsLightsGalore.com

19 2017 Feb

A Bedroom Lighting Fixture That’s The Star Of The Show

186688Just imagine going to sleep at night and the last object you see is a lighted star as you turn out the lights.  You might feel that if you die you will go to heaven.  Truly, this bedroom lighting fixture fits very well in a bedroom.  It might help your kids say their prayers at night before going to sleep.

A star is a shape of anything positive:  the star of the show, of the game, the stars that make the night pretty and so on.  I went to sleep one night dreaming i was in the company of a miracle worker and ask him to marry me to the kindest and most generous women in the world.  I got what i was looking for only i woke up to find it–my female dog was licking my face.  LampsLightsGalore.com

18 2017 Feb

A Bedroom Lamp Thats A Perfect Bedroom Partner

56496aThis bedroom lamp can include your wife.  If can be mounted on the backboard of the bed and be perfect for reading in bed, and easy to turn off when sleep arrives.  Of course, it has other uses like on the back wall where your easy chair is and where you like to read.

My wife likes to read mystery novels in bed before she goes to sleep, and i installed this bedroom lamp just for her.  Trouble is she talks in her sleep after reading and saids things like, “Oh Derick, please be brave so we can die together”.  In the morning over breakfast i told her about this, and asked her if she was going crazy.  She replied and said,  “Well if i am i’m enjoying it”.  LampsLightsGalore.com