25 2017 Jan

Finding Some New Floor Lamps to Place in Different Areas of My Home

floor lampWhen I recently began to work on finding some items that I could use to make sure that I could add some additional light to my living room, I went online to find the right kinds of lamps to use. It was fairly easy for me to be able to find some really excellent kinds of lamps that were ones that would look really nice in my home. With so many to choose from, the real problem was narrowing them down.

I knew that the lights that I wanted for this area of my home were some kinds of excellent lamps that I could work with on a regular basis. It was fun to think about getting some table lamps as well as some high quality floor lamps that would be capable of illuminating a wider area overall. Getting the right kinds of lamps to use around my home was fairly simple.

As I began to spend a good amount of time working on finding some very beautiful items that I might be able to place in different areas of my home, I have found many great lamps that I can use. With so many different kinds of lamps to choose from, I really feel that I am going to have no trouble at all picking out some great lamps. LampsLightsGalore.com

24 2017 Jan

A lantern light In Copper And Brass Beauty

129598They say beauty is only skin deep and ugly is rotten to the bone.  Here is a lantern light that is copper deep and brass to the bone.   This eye-catching design will delight anybody who walks into a room, with this latern light mounted, and feel their walking toward luxury.

I had a lantern light like this installed in my living room.  The guest came over for dinner and marveled at this wall sconce.  One of my guest, an old time friend, is always  aware of his baldness, and takes every moment to complain about it.  At the dinner table he stopped complaining about his baldness as soon as he saw this lantern light.  It made him forget about his baldness and he had a inspirational moment.  He realized  that there could be something  beautiful in this world without hair.  In addition, he stopped being envious towards dog.  LampsLightsGalore.com

23 2017 Jan

An Indoor Lighting Fixture that makes a green-bluish Statement

This indoor lighting fixture may not be a red rose for a blue lady.  It could be said to be a green leaf for a purple sour grape.  But its unique design is what makes its special.

They say its the clothes that make the man or women.  I once had a friend who was always well dressed.  When it was time for him to be “made” (being excepted into the crime family), I read in the morning paper he was murdered.  I thought maybe it was because he didn’t wear a tuxedo.  LampsLightsGalore.com




22 2017 Jan

A Home Theater Lighting Like Seen In The Old Movies.

138476I imagine going to the movies in the 1940’s.  The movie house is adorned with a home theater lighting, typical of that time.  You can create that atmosphere in you own home and not have to wish for a time machine.

Speaking of time machines, i was thinking of the beginning of time when Adam and Eve existed.  Suppose they had movies in those times.  I can here Adam screaming at Eve to hurry or they will miss the main feature.  I can hear Eve screaming back and telling Adam, “I’ve got nothing to wear.”  LampsLightsGalore.com

21 2017 Jan

A Home Lighting Devise With A Penguin In The LimeLight

18470Something that looks good on a shelf for those of you who thinks penguins are cute.  For home parties, home lighting novelty can be useful.  They can break the ice for strangers who attend a party and don’t know each other.  They can both talk about the novelty penguin accent light over your fireplace shelf.

In this case a penguin light wouldn’t break the ice but keep it from thawing out.  This kind of home lighting devise may not blend with the decor of your room.  But if it’s a hot summer, it may get your guest thinking cool rather than hot.  Added to this thought is if any of them are in the bridal business,  this may tempt some of your guest to go out and buy a tuxedo for a upcoming daughter or son getting married, and you would be appreciated.  LampsLightsGalore.com

17 2017 Jan

A Hanging Light That Comes Out OF The Blue

139408Having a hanging light like this in your home would be like having something beautiful that no one else has.  It’s a nice way to keep up with the Jones’ without being obvious.

The way these blue scallops glow it reminds me of a girl in school whose class i was in and had big, blue eyes.  Our teacher marked our test papers with a blue pen and the ones that failed with a red pencil.  This was the third grade and nobody in the class knew anything about colored pencils.   My test paper came back with a big red F on it and hers came back with a small blue A.  She said red was her favorite color and she hated blue.  So we traded papers and changed the names on the papers.

When I got home and showed my parents my A,  i got spanked.  The dog howled.  Even the dog didn’t believe me.  Talk about man’s best friend….LampsLightsGalore.com


16 2017 Jan

A Hanging Lamp Flowered In Rose Pedals

31144If you can’t promise your lover a rose garden, you can give her a hanging lamp, with a wreath of rose petals, hanging from the ceiling of her kitchen when she’s cooking, or some other place.  This hanging lamp glass shade does the job.

Something like this can take the boredom out of life.  My wife saids i’m so boring sometimes that she recommends that i take the vacuum cleaner out an clean the rug.  She saids at least she’ll well know i’m not living in a vacuum.  Sometimes my wife tells me i’m so dull, that she can’t take me to a department store because the management will mistake me for a mannequin and re-dress me and put me in the window.  I keep telling her nobody’s perfect.  LampsLightsGalore.com

15 2017 Jan

A Floor Lamp That Takes Oneself Into The Wheat Field

185696Yes, just like being on the farm gathering wheat stocks like the good old days.  But if your not the outdoorsy type, you can think of this floor lamp setting next to you as Fort Knox with all that gold.

But in spite of what your fantasy is, this floor lamp will put you in the right mind set.  What could be better than the color of yellow:  sun, gold, flowers, chicken noodle soup, corn on the cob–imagine all that.  It someone comes up to you and said you are yellow and called you a coward, ask him if he would like to compare bank accounts, and that you didn’t get rich by being purple.  LampsLightsGalore.com

14 2017 Jan

A Desk Lamp In An Alpine Environment

181467How would you like to set down at your desk and have a lamp with two people skiing among evergreen trees in the alps?  This you can have in front of you with this artful created desk lamp.  Better yet, if you’re a skier and would like to be reminded of your favorite sport every time you set down and do desk work, like figuring your income tax, this desk lamp is for you.

It’s important to set down and have a desk lamp that’s good for your morale.  When you doing your taxes, that can be depressing.  When you see how much you paid in taxes and had no deductions, this is enough to make anybody want to go out skiing and forget about taxes after you filed them.  LampsLightsGalore.com


12 2017 Jan

A Decorative Lamp That Lights Up A Ceiling

65837-ccorSometimes a decorative lamp like this can only be found in antique shops or garage sells.  They are a torchiere lamp whose design  goes back to the past.  But Meyda company has revived this tradition and made it available by re-creation.

These decorative lamps can be good for rooms where there is entertaining going on,  giving  slightly dimmer and softer ambience effect, or maybe like a cocktail lounge and eliminating a harsher lighting effect.  One way this happens is a torchiere decorative lamp throws the light to the ceiling because of it’s inverse glass bowl.  LampsLightsGalore.com