30 2016 Nov

Billiard light With A Forrest Accent Look

50883This billiard light is great for billiard and dining tables, islands, counters and bars.  It has a copper finish and a shade decorated with branches and oak leaves.  A pleasant reminder after spending time in the woods and getting into a game of pool.

My dog got confused when i installed this billiard light,  He kept expecting a squirrel to drop down off the light fixture.  When that didn’t happen and the dog didn’t get his dinner, he started to howl.  No one could figure out why so i gave his a bone and he was happy.  Even dogs have a sense of taste.  LampsLightsGalore.com

29 2016 Nov

Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan Give Beauty In A Breeze

27455_1This ceiling light fixture with Fan is a adventure in amber rippled glass accents and swirling touches of  green in jade.  It can work in any room especially in a place where a draft is needed without the pressure of air conditioning, like a bathroom or kitchen.

I never regret installing one of these ceiling fight fixture with fan in my living room.  It gives my home a contemporary, fashionable look and my guest that visit me always complement me.  One thing you don’t have to worry  about is being green with envy.  It’s hanging from your ceiling. LampsLightsGalore.com

28 2016 Nov

A Ceiling Light Fixture That Is The Star

155264If you like gazing at the stars but don’t like going outside,  this ceiling light fixture will be perfect for your bedroom. Of course it will be fitting for any other room in your house.  This design as originated from   Europe from the Moravian culture (a Protestant church founded in Saxony by Moravia emigrants).

This charming design was inspired by original Star lights created in 14th century Europe. Handcrafted of sparkling Clear Seeded art glass with a frame and hardware finished in Craftsman Brown. Handcrafted by Meyda artisans in our manufacturing facility in the USA, this fixture is available in custom styles, color and sizes. Dimmable energy efficient lamping options such as LED are available. This fixture is UL and cUL listed for dry and damp locations.  LampsLightsGalore.com


Total Height: 11″
Total Width: 9″
Total Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Bulb Type: MED
Bulb Wattage: 60
Bulb Quantity: 1
Availability: Custom Crafted In Yorkville, New York Please Allow 56 Days

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Item number: 107888

14″W Moravian Star Pendant

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27 2016 Nov

Bedroom Lighting That Is A Swinger

180314For me there is nothing more useful and comfortable than to install a fixture behind and above my bed because i like to read before i go to sleep.  This bedroom lighting fixture also has a swing arm for adjustment.

I have a silly habit of wanting to brag about my possessions.  I had a couple from work i invited for dinner.  Of course i had to give them a tour of my house.  When we came to the bedroom, i showed them my swinging lighting fixture about my bed.   I told them when me and my wife go to bed, we swing the light around for visibility.  I tried to joke but it was a bad joke.  I said me and my wife like to swing when we are in bed.  The couple i invited took the joke the wrong way and said, “Ok let’t get started”.  Just goes to show a person really doesn’t really know people. But i managed to talk myself out of that one.  LampsLightsGalore.com

26 2016 Nov

A Bedroom Lamp With Mosaic Color And Design

26616Nothing better than a colorful bedroom lamp next to your bed.  A picture and pattern of small colored pieces in a mosaic format is a way to paint your sleeping dreams in the the positive.  One look is all it takes.

I did this one night before i went to sleep and dreamed of dancing girls with vales in an Arabian country.  The only problem was when my wife and I woke up the next day, my wife kept asking me why i kept calling out in my sleep–Martha, Martha.  She asked who was Martha, and i told her it was my grade school teacher when i was six years old coming back to haunt me for being such a brat.  But the dream worked out.  At least Martha was pictured in a colorful mosaic form.  Not too shabby for a bedroom lamp.  I wish i could look that good when i wake up.  LampsLightsGalore.com

25 2016 Nov

An Adjustable Floor Lamp That Extends Itself

65839This adjustable floor lamp is given that name because it can extend itself.  That is you don’t have to move it closer to you to get light.  The light shade is already extended.  It’s simple beauty make it desirable.

Speaking of extending, when i was in grade school a teacher asked a student to study more because he was flunking his studies.  She told him, “You got to extend your mind.”  The student asked the teacher, “How far should i go:  from end to end, from one end to the other, from beginning to end, from out to out, from cover to cover, from stem to stern, from top to bottom?’  For some strange reason the teacher excused the class for that day.  LampsLightsGalore.com

24 2016 Nov

An Accent Lamp With Hanging Clusters Of Bluish-Lilac Flowers

124813This accent lamp is a credit to any room in any house.  I like it for a bedroom- friendly accompaniment.  It darkish-blue  and climbing vines make for a dreamy sleep time.  Turn on the accent light while getting undressed, and turn it off before you climb in bed and go to sleep.  It’s lighter than light, bluer than blue, greater than great, softer than soft,–how’s that for a lousy sales pitch?

This design is the stuff that comes from a shrubbery and it’s bluish-lilac flowers. I made the mistake of trying to explain all this at a party.  Some important women overhead me and thought she heard me say snobbery(instead of shrubbery) in reference to her.  She took me aside and scolded me by saying,”  If you think you are so great… study your own personality and try to eliminate you’re shortcomings.  But you won’t because you’re afraid you won’t find anything there.”

I guess i got told.  Suddenly if find i don’t like going to parties.  LampsLightsGalore.com

23 2016 Nov

A Wall Sconce With Two Frosted Glass Shades

177244If you like good light without a lot of fancy decor, and yet usefully beautiful, this is your wall sconce. I also like the arched shaped linear accents.

These plain straight lines remind me of a song Johny Cash sang: “I’ll walk the line if you’ll be mine”.
This wall sconce wall light and that song reminded me of the time i was trying to impress a girl i was dating. She said she would be mine if i gave up drinking, fighting, carousing, gambling and throwing my money away on dubious money schemes.

Well, when i get up in the morning it takes me while to know where my brain is going. After thinking over her proposal, i surmised that it was going to be easier to write a novel than to agree with those terms. The relationship ended and that’s how i became a writer.  LampsLightsGalore.com

22 2016 Nov

A Tulip Floor Lamp Will Revamp Your Atmosphere

11070Roses are red, Violets are blue, Tulips will renew.  This tulip floor lamp will give new meaning to illumination.  It’s decor is like something that came out of a delightful, imposing garden with beige class panes and pink tulips setting on spring garden leaves.

This tulip floor lamp stands in my living room like a fairy tale. Its like a garden-imposing a paradise gained, not lost.  I used to be lazy about going out and planting tulips in my back yard.  But seeing them in this lamp has caused a change of heart.  But one has to remember that it takes times for tulips to grow.  It helps to keep in mind the shortest two words in our language is “i am”, but the longest two words are “i do”.  LampsLightGalore.com

21 2016 Nov

Tiffany Style Floor Lamp With A Touch Elizabeth History

31116Who ever thought that blue and yellow would go together so smoothly.  Well, queen Elizabeth of England thought so in the castles and cathedrals during her reign.  This Tiffany style floor lamp is so enriching in it’s ornamentation and mosaic design, that there seem to be no words worthy of it’s description.

I once had a girlfriend named Elizabeth.  When i purchased this lamp i told her that it was named after her.  She looked at the lamp with it’s blue and yellow design.  She said she would go and get her whole body tattooed like this lamp.  She liked it so well.  I made a bargain with her and said  if i would buy her a tailor made dress made with this design would she give up the  tattoo.  She agreed. Later i got to thinking.  That was her was of getting a new dress and couldn’t afford it. I think i just been had but i loved her just the same.  She looked fabulous in the dress.  LampsLightsGalore.com