30 2016 Oct

A Call Of The Wild Ceiling Light Fixture

181393Bring some forrest in your home and a couple wild animals and lake property in your home and light  up your house at the same time.  I love having this ceiling light fixture in my house because its a constant reminder of what i love–the outdoors and the forrest.

I once shot a bear and had it stuffed and moved it into my living room.  My wife gave me an alternative–either the bear goes or she does.  I guess  she didn’t think it was a good idea.  It made my dog sad because he fell in love with it.  He was  sad about the removal  for days afterward–just moped around the house.  Didn’t bark at all.

But marriage requires compromise.  She agreed to not eat crackers in bed and not turn off the ceiling light fixture.

29 2016 Oct

A Billiard Light Like A Spotted Rainbow

26440A Billiard Light that is brilliant–that is, exhibiting different colors in a design like a checker board.  With this stained glass there is a reflection of emerald, sapphire, and garnet.  This is known as a variegated technique.

I visited a man with this billiard light in his pool room.  He invited all of us for a game of pool.  The first man missed his stroke because he was so distracted by the beauty of this billiard light.  He went home that night and went to sleep only to have a dream of having made a lot of money playing pool. He woke up when a cue ball winked at him.  His wife woke up and asked him what he was dreaming about.  He said he was ab out to be cued.

28 2016 Oct

Bedroom Lighting That Lights Up Like A Moon

181233Bedroom Lighting that will make you feel your under the moon when you turn on your bedroom light switch.  But its illumination is strong so you will have plenty of light, but will give a little planetary atmosphere with it.

If you have desk work in your bedroom this over head light will be supportive for a desk lamp you may be using.  If you have a TV in your bedroom this overhead light my give you the proper light for watching TV. Not too bright but enough bedroom lighting. My wife in bed looking at this bedroom lighting fixture saids this is when she gets her best ideas.  My self, I get my best ideas when i have to go to the bathroom.

27 2016 Oct

A bedroom Lamp Presented As A Portrait

32108Bring a portrait of nature’s beautiful landscape painted by a famous painter to bed with you at night.  Just because he passed away in 1966 doesn’t mean he’s still not with us.  Looking at this table bedroom lamp, before you go to sleep, will bring a good nights sleep.

My wife has a terrible inferiority complex.  When we were married i told her she was so pretty that looking at her before i go to sleep make me have pleasant dreams.   However, i went out and bought this bedroom lamp anyway.

26 2016 Oct

An Adjustable Floor Lamp With An Accented Loony Bird

107463aYou could say this adjustable floor lamp is for the birds but the bird has to stay inside the shade with a honey art glass illumination.  It also has some fancy scroll work on the top of the lamp.  This adjustable floor lamp is handmade by Meyda artisans in Yorkville, N.Y.  Colors and styles and sizes available.

I’ve always been a bird watcher.  While i was walking in the forest with my girlfriend,  a bird landed on my head.  My girlfriend went ahead of me to spot some rare bird.  When she can back she noticed my hair was white.  She made the remark that i am aging very quickly.  I told her that it was not aging but a bird landed on my head and left it’s calling card.



25 2016 Oct

An Accent Lamp With Fabulous Fringes

18911This accent lamp is an eye- catcher if there ever was one.  A table lamp for a living room for showing off to your visiting guests, and can also be a conversation piece.

I purchased this lamp and had it on table when my friends arrived.  I didn’t know at the time that one of the couples were having a marital dispute.  At first the marriage victim spoke to me in the kitchen before she entered the living room, and didn’t see the accent lamp when she first arrived.  She was complaining about her  husband who drove her crazy and said she was seeing red.  When she entered the living room and saw my reddest accent lamp she gave me a dirty look and said, “So you found out and have to rub it in”.

24 2016 Oct

A Table Lamp Turned Coca-Cola

74067This table lamp is something you won’t see everyday.  It’ one of it’s kind.  If you’re a patriot and love your country, just turn on your table lamp and  get a coke out of the refrigerator and drink up.

This is a Tiffany table lamp that can lend itself to many interior decorating schemes.  From traditional, to novelty, or contemporary or from living room, to bedroom, or den this table lamp will fit in. If you’re giving up drinking alcohol, looking at this table lamp should remind you where you’ve been an where you are going to–drinking straight coca-cola.  That’s what i call lending itself to many schemes and occasions.



23 2016 Oct

A Tulip Floor Lamp That Tiptoes Through The Tulips

11070A Tulip floor lamp that surrounds itself with a red tulip circular border resting on green leaves.  All of this on beige glass panels accented with amethyst jewels and mahogany granite glass.

If your wife didn’t get a promise from a rose garden, giving her this will more than compensate and you will enjoy this tulip floor lamp as well.  It will enhance your living room with an atmosphere of summer when the natural beauty of nature peaks up from the ground.  It’s good for cloudy, gloomy days and surprising your guests when they come over.  I can hear it now, “Where did you get that fabulous floor lamp”?  It’s a good way to make your home environment pleasant for your kids and keep them at home at night without having to let the air out of your tires.

22 2016 Oct

A Tiffany Style Floor Lamp In A Scroll Of Color

120578This Tiffany style floor lamp divides itself between the best of two worlds:  The gold of sunlight and the blue of the sea.  What a way to remind yourself of that trip you took to the beach on your last exotic vacation–just turn on your newly purchased Tiffany style floor lamp and dream away.

However, don’t forget to come back to life.  That should be easy with the kids running around the house, screaming, and the dog chasing the cat.  That’s why everybody needs a vacation–to get away from it all.  So, send your kids to a military school.

20 2016 Oct

A Hanging Light That Dicovers Nature’s Beauty

157147As winter intrudes itself on our days and the days go shorter, sunlight seems to diminish.  A hanging light can keep some of summer’s beauty in your home.  Tiffany lighting with it’s capacity to bring a vast array of color design into any lighting fixture is the way to go.

I love the color content of this pendant hanging light because it reminds me of the sun dropping into my living room, and bringing some of nature’s plant life with it. Even the best decorated room can’t improve the atmosphere like a Tiffany hanging light.  If you can’t make it to an art museum you can bring some of that decor into your own home. The guests that visit your home will love you for it.