31 2016 Aug

Peacock Lamp Is A Many-Colored Thing

Peacock Lamp Is A Many-Colored ThingThis Peacock Lamp, with varied colors, making this fixture picturesque and it can brighten up any room and be a constant eye-catcher.  The fact that this peacock lamp is a Tiffany product makes it a work of art, with Tiffany’s use of colored glass and moving designs that create a warm atmosphere.  This is not just yellow bird or big bird but many-colored bird.

One good thing about an inanimate animals in your house is you don’t have to listen to them quack or make  noises like a noisy parrot.  You don’t have to worry about anyone in the family stealing this lamp with the idea of selling quack.  LampsLightsGalore.com


31 2016 Aug

A Leather Lamp Shade Gone Western

A leather lamp shade with a simplicity and charm that is typical of the country side.  Now all you need is a pair of cowboy boots and you’re in character.  This leather lamp shade will set the atmosphere of any room and give a unique touch comparing the other lamp shades in your home.

This is a case where beauty is not skin deep.  Everything is up front and you have plenty of light to prove it.  However, keep it away from your dog.  You know how they are.  They like to chew on things that remind them of food.  LampsLightsGalore.com                  Lampshade In Leather 26349

28 2016 Aug

LED Hanging Light With A Contemporary Look

LED Hanging Light With A Contemporary LookA LED hanging light with a blue coloration look.  Symbolic of the ocean pushing at it’s spine.  Featured in a satin nickel finish in a circular design giving a clean neat look and giving a ambient light.  This LED hanging light will definitely affect the mood of the room it’s installed in.  Useable in a bar, in a hallway, playing poker and in bathrooms.  And the LED with  a bulb lasting 17 years.   These lamps come with a track system  that a electrician can wire  in your room.

This is better than an American dream because you don’t have to be a sleep to believe it.  LampsLightsGalore.com



26 2016 Aug

Purchasing a Hanging Light for My Living Room

hanging lightWhen I recently started to think about getting some different types of lights that I might be able to use in my living room to replace the old light fixture that I had, I knew that I would be able to change the look of the entire space. I could add a big chandelier to give the space a grand look or a ceiling fan fixture to add a useful touch to the fixture.

I knew what I really wanted was something that was simple and still elegant so that I would be able to have a lovely light in the area. I chose to pick out a hanging light that had a beautiful bowl shape to it. This light is very simple but is much more attractive than the light fixture that used to hang up in this space.

Changing this one light fixture has inspired me to think about some of the other light fixtures that are all around my home. I have been able to find all kinds of different types of light fixtures that will look nice in my space. I am just going to have to think about it some more to see if I am ready to make the leap to having many different types of light fixtures all around my home.  You know the old saying, “Look before you leap”, or was the author talking about love?   LampsLightsGalore.com

25 2016 Aug

A Lampshade Reminiscent Of The 1920’s

A Lamp Shade Reminiscent Of The 1920'sThis lampshade with its fringed bottom and decorated, elaborate design that borders and surrounds the shade above the fringes, is like a work of art.  Yes it does remind one of the decor of the 1920’s especially the hemlines of women dresses in those times.  That makes it more interesting.  They also can be fitted for table and floor lamps.  A lampshade today can chase the away the boredom of the day–at least a little.

This lampshade has a versatile color scheme and can fit any color in your home or room.  So if your kids start doing a ragtime dance in your living room you’ll know where the influence came from.  You know…ragtime cowboy…  LampsLightsGalore.com

12 2016 Aug

Indoor Lighting Helps to Improve How My Home Looks

indoor lightingWhen I started to work on redecorating my home, I was really careful to make sure that I would be able to get some different types of lighting items all around my home. Read more→