30 2016 Jun

Two Cherubs Holding On To A Light Fixture

Two Cherubs Holding On To A Light FixtureThis is a light fixture in the form of a mini-lamp.  Good for decoration or lighting up dark hall ways or using in tight spaces.  It’s also good if a person wants a dimming effect for a romantic evening in the living room.

Speaking of low light and soft music and a way to woo the opposite sex, i would advise this light fixture.  It was the way a friend of mind proposed to his wife.  It worked and they married.  He said with a low lighted atmosphere it made it possible for love to be blinded.  The less they see the less they know.



27 2016 Jun

A Ceiling Lamp That Lights Up A Forest

A Ceiling Light Fixture That Lights Up A ForestIf you are a nature lover and like articles and reminders all over your house that remind you of nature, than you will love this ceiling light fixture.  It’s branches and oak leaves will keep you in touch with nature’s beauty every time you turn on your ceiling lamp.

But nature gets into your family such as the metaphor referred to as a family tree.  My cousin is into looking up our family tree.  She found that a considerable amount of my relatives were gangsters.  Some of the information about them turned up about them in their memoirs.  One of them said they never walked in a forest at night. I figured it was because they had a guilty conscience or they might take a wrong turn and run into a sociopath.


26 2016 Jun

A Rose Border Surrounding A Pendant Hanging Light

A Rose Border Surrounding A Pendant Hanging LightA hanging Light with its clear white virgin look surrounded by ribbons and rosebuds.  With this hanging in your living room it could make a person feel like its daytime all the time.

I had a date with a women who was wearing a white dress with a white scarf over her head.  I took her out to dinner and through the evening i keep talking but i couldn’t get her to say anything.

Finally i popped the question why was she wearing white and not talking?  She finally wrote down on a piece of paper these words. ” I lost my hearing a month ago in an accident and i was getting married when you asked for a date.  The marriage was canceled because my boyfriend got cold feet so i thought i would try a new boyfriend when you asked me to have dinner with you.”  Well at least i didn’t have to think up a good line for her go out with me.  I think i’ve found a new way to meet women.  Just attend marriage ceremonies.

25 2016 Jun

This Decorative Chandelier Is An Exhibition In Thin Is Thoughtful

This Decorative Chandelier Is An Exhibition In Thin Is ThoughtfulWhen I look at this decorative chandelier with its elegance and refreshing lines it makes be want to lose weight.  I like the way the arms have scrolls that hold the candle lights.  But everything is thin but sophisticated.

I have a brother who never gains weight and eats like a starved man.  He eats three square meals a day.  I asked him one day how he stays thin eating three squares a day.  He told me it was because he is a square not a liberal.


23 2016 Jun

A Lamp Shade With Fan And A Vanilla Atmosphere

A Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan And A Vanilla AtmosphereThis lamp shade is like a vanilla heaven.  The beige color mixed with light red and its rich border that circles the shade gives a relaxing atmosphere.  I installed this lamp shade to a ceiling fan in our house.

When i was courting my wife, i wanted to bring her something nice.  I installed this ceiling light fixture with a fan in her house.  When she came home she looked at it and said how come you don’t bring me flowers?  I said that this was better because she could stand underneath the fan and get cool, and at the same time “feel pretty”.  Whoops!  I think i said the wrong thing.  She didn’t speak to me for a week.


22 2016 Jun

A Table Lamp Gives My Living Room a Beautiful Glow

decorative lampSince my living room is a bit dark to spend much time in during the evening, I have been trying to find some different types of lamps that I can use to illuminate the space. I don’t like having to sit in the dark, and even when it is summertime the evenings in this room are just too dim.

I have so far purchased just one lamp for this room because I was only able to find one that I really enjoyed. It is a very beautiful table lamp that I know makes my living room look really great. The lamp isn’t too bright, but provides a cozy light that is exactly what I would like to use when I am spending time in the living room in the evening with friends, and it diverts their attention away from my messy house keeping.


22 2016 Jun

A Table Lamp With A Touch Of The Peacock

A Table Lamp With A Touch Of The PeacockWhen i purchased this table lamp i was a proud as a Peacock.  There is so much beauty in this table lamp that i look forward to going into my living room where this lamp in on a table next to my easy chair.

I did have a little problem with my dog.  He kept trying to jump up and try to reach the table lamp.  He thought it  was a live Peacock and wanted to eat it. But the problem was solved when the dog realized that the table lamp didn’t have legs and he lost interest.

21 2016 Jun

A Floor Lamp With Chromatic Color Precision

A Floor Lamp With Chromatic Color Precision Scrolls.This floor lamp that is kaleidoscopic contained or going in another direction–in other words,  multi-colored.  I like the way the colors are boxed in little squares then they converge on a trim of blue, with scrolls.  If you want help coloring your world this floor lamp with do it.

I have a friend who never seems to dress up right.   Unlike the floor lamp i have been talking about, he has no color precision.  He doesn’t know how to match up his pants and shirt etc.  I asked him if he were color blind.  He looked at me in a surprised fashion and said, “And all the years i’ve been married, i thought my wife was a blond?”

20 2016 Jun

A Wall Sconce That Will Make You Want To Dance

A Wall Sconce That Will Make You Want To DanceThis wall sconce looks like something right out of the 1920’s.  This wall sconce, when you turn it on and look at it, will make you want to dance the Charleston.  But it is so skillfully designed that it could fit any modern atmosphere.

I remember in my youth when I tried to learn how to dance and fell down on my tush.  As the night wore on i kept falling down.  But i survived the evening because i found a way to rock-a-round the clock.

18 2016 Jun

A Ceiling Light Fixture That’s Native American Inspired

A Ceiling Light Fixture That's Native American Inspired. If you have dreams in the harsh winter cold season, this ceiling light fixture may help launch your fantasies.  This native American style and trim can brighten up any cold, cloudy winter day.

I thought i would install this ceiling light fixture in my office so it would brighten up morale on cloudy, cold days.  This idea had such an influence that when my secretary came to work the next day, after i had installed it,  she took off  her coat and was wearing a bikini swim suit.  I asked her why since it was winter outside.  She said that if she was going to look at this ceiling light fixture, with its sunny appearance and feel better about it, she would go all all the way.  Now I know why my business increased and i got more customers coming in.