30 2016 May

Dogs Taken Over A Ceiling Light Fixture

Dogs Taken Over A Ceiling Light FixtureThis  ceiling light fixture is a strike in the right direction for dog lovers.  With dogs on the ceiling it could mean the dogs are high.

With a white luminary coming from the bottom of this ceiling light fixture, one could say the dogs have seen the light and have walked out to meet the sunset on their way to dog heaven. With three dogs all barking in their own language, one could say they are bilingual.  They probably can bark in three-part harmony.  Who knows?  LampsLightsGalore.com

28 2016 May

A Light Fixture With A Christmas Spirit

Light Fixtures With A Christmas SpiritI still remember a Christmas party i attended when i was six years old.  It was a get-together party at my aunts house with all the relatives.  She had light fixtures all over the place.  One was designed like a Christmas tree.  I was hoping i would get one as a present.

When it came time for me to receive my present it came in a large box.  So i opened the box to find another box.  I opened that box to find another box and so on till i came to the last box with was small.  I thought i  might be a wrist watch.  I opened it only to find a nut.  All my relatives thought it was funny.  I was disappointed.  One of uncles was the one that wrapped the box. He sat there with a snicker on his face.  This was a present with plenty of strings attached or should i say boxes?  LampsLightsGalore.com

27 2016 May

A Hanging Light That Catches A Moose Wandering

A Hanging Light That Catches A Moose WanderingThis hanging light reminds me when i was  young and used to  think about wild animals and go into the forest to watch them.  I  began to observe the facial features of a moose.

Then all of a sudden i realized that the same facial features of a moose  look like people i know.  Then the final discovery was when the person i was dating  reminded me of the moose i had seen in the woods.  Then  i realized i had better not take her/him camping because  i might run into a jealous moose and there’s nothing worse than a jealous lover.  LampsLightsGalore.com

26 2016 May

A Decorative Chandelier In A Tower Power Of Ingenuity

A Decorative Chandelier In A Tower, Power Of Light IngenuityThis decorative chandelier reminds me of New York–everything goes up in the building trades.  This is a tower of art-full  beauty in ceiling lighting.

This reminds me of upward mobility.  If one runs out of room one can always go up.  If one runs out of going up, all one has left is outer space.  If one can’t find a way down then it can  be said  that person is spaced out.  Then there are people that have already got there.  LampsLightsGalore.com

25 2016 May

A Table Lamp With A Lone Moose On The Loose

A Table Lamp With A Lone Moose On The Loose You may not want a wandering moose in your yard, but if your an animal lover you won’t mind  if one is inside your table lamps, sitting on top of a evergreen tree.

This table lamp remains me of the time in my youth when i used to go to my grandparents farm  and work in the hay and wheat fields.  We used pitch forks to pick up the wheat bundles.  My cousin was on the same wagon with me and he accidentally stabbed me in the rear.  That’s the first time i learned the meaning of the word ” rear ended” or the word ” acupuncturist”.  LampsLightsGalore.com

24 2016 May

A Wall Sconce Presenting Antiquity

A Wall Sconce Presenting AntiquityA wall sconce that reminds me of Sherlock Homes and old England.  This is fixture that would appeal to people who like antiques.

This reminds of the so called good old days when i used to work on ship as a sailor.  A ship rolls and rolls than it bobs up and down and that’s called pitching.  This causes sailors to develop what they call sea legs.  When you mop a floor that is called swab the deck.  If you go right that’s called starboard and it you go left that’s called port side.  If you get fed up with all this and go ashore and get drunk, that’s called normal.  LampsLightsGalore.com

22 2016 May

A Desk Lamp Is an Office Necessity

2 fancy desk lamp 5-10No desk is complete without an extra source of light. A nice table lamp is perfect in an office setting. While some offices have windows to let light in, a lot need some extra light. A small reading light does wonders for some handwritten notes, or a physical manual printed out on paper. It’s best to have a well-lit area when you read anything, so you don’t strain your eyes too much.

That’s where a desk lamp comes in handy. They don’t take up much space on your desk, and they direct light to a desired note, manual, or book. While people may use their computer for a lot of their tasks, writing notes is still very common in an office. It’s also common to receive physical papers, even in this digital age. Lamps are still a necessity for every office.

So to me, a desk lamp is something that’s required for an office, no matter how big or how small. I’ve never seen an office without one. Having that extra source of light can be very helpful in an office setting. Not to mention, it often adds some lovely decor, since a lot of lamps bring some beauty to a desk.  LampsLightsGalore.com

21 2016 May

Floor Lamps With Quality And Simplicity

Floor Lamps With Quality And SimplicityI like floor lamps because they place the light above and below. You could say this lamp goes above and beyond the call of lighting.

You could also say this lamp, because of its simple design, that less is better.  But then if less is better than better is more.   So because better is more, than less isn not better.

You could say that floor lamps are better than table lamps because they are longer.  But because table lamps have a table they can be as long as floor lamps.  LampsLightsGalore.com

I rest my case.

21 2016 May

A Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan Gone Fishing

A Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan Gone FishingA ceiling light fixture with fan like this reminds of my first time  i went stream fishing.  I was ten years old and my uncle took me.

I had trouble casting my line.  First time the line and hook caught me in the seat of my pants.  The next try the line got caught in the the tree branches.  The next try the line got caught in my uncle’s britches.  When out trip was over and we arrived home my aunt asked me what i caught.  I said my uncle.  LampsLightsGalore.com

20 2016 May

A Ceiling Fixture That’s Loony Among The Trees.

A Ceiling Light Fixture That's Loony Among The TreesWell, i guess you can say this ceiling light fixture is for the birds.  I admire Meyda the way they can bring nature into a living room with a reminder there’s more to life that lighting a ceiling.

The only problem is my dog.  Every time he looks at the ceiling light fixture he starts to howl.  I guess that’s his way of saying he would like to chase birds in the wild.  It’s amazing how dogs can influence humans.  When i tell my teenage son he can’t go out every night to see his girlfriend because he has to stay home and study, he quietly goes to his room and later in the night i here a howl.  I check my dog and he’s asleep.  Guess what?  LampsLightsGalore.com