30 2016 Apr

Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan Is Pretty As A Peacock

A Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan Is Pretty As A PeacockThis ceiling light fixture with fan is truly an invention in a delightful color scheme.  My grandson told me, when I first installed it, he said it tickles my toes with delight.

When i installed this ceiling light fixture with fan, I can honestly say i was proud as a peacock.  My friends come over and compliment me on my good taste and judgement.  My wife said she would like a feathered dress that look like this lamp shade.  I told her she would have to be like a peacock–well-feathered.

30 2016 Apr

A Light Fixture That Dances Above The Flame

A Light Fixture That Dances Above The FlameThis light fixture is an example of dancing dangerously.  It reminds me of the old saying, “If you play with fire you might get burnt”.  But because it’s not alive, its a beautiful ornament to have around the house.

This light fixture reminds me of the fires of youth–being young and full of energy.  When i look at it for a prolong period of time a new thought comes to mind:  don’t be afraid to act your age.  That reminds of the time i tried break dancing.  About the only thing that happen was i fell on the floor and didn’t spin like a top.

29 2016 Apr

A Hanging Light In Multiple Garden Color

A Hanging Light In Multiple Garden ColorWith this hanging light it’s like having a beautiful garden in your house.  When I have house parties this hanging light always captures everybody’s attention.

Of course there’s always somebody who amuses everybody with his humor.  One person said this person, name is John, said he tickles everybody’s funny bone.  (a place back at the elbow that tingles when hit)  One women slapped him in the face and accused him of getting fresh.  He must have hit her funny bone.  What’s so funny about that?

29 2016 Apr

A Wall Sconce that Captures With Captivating Beauty

A Wall Sconce That Captures With Captivating BeautyMy father loved this wall sconce so much he left it to me in his will when he died.  I installed it in my living room.

I wondered why he left it to me. There were other members in the family.  He left a note with the inheritance.  It said when a man makes out a will, he should make sure he’s not bald so his heir will receive the inheritance.  I  always wondered why he requested his hair piece on in his open coffin.

28 2016 Apr

The Star Of This Ceiling Light Fixture Is A Star

The star of this ceiling light fixture is a starI installed this ceiling light fixture in my living room and everybody, family and friends, liked it .  It made everyone want to believe you could be lucky under a lucky star.

My wife said it made her light up her life.  One of my friends said it lit up his wife when she was over at my house.  My two children who are in high school said that this ceiling light fixture was a light that helped light their mind when studying.  I stopped and wondered if anybody knew this light structure was for lighting the living room.

27 2016 Apr

A Hanging Lamp is the Right Kind for My Bedroom

hanging lampWhen I started to consider some different lighting options that would make it so that I was able to bring a bit more light into my bedroom, I decided that I really wanted something that I could look up to.  I knew that a side lamp would give me some light, but this would be contained to a much smaller area. I wanted significantly more light than this.

To get the most light into the space, I knew it would be best to give the light some way of going much further than it would from just a small lamp. The ideal situation would be to have some type of a hanging lamp because these are more likely to work well at giving a lot more light to the room.  I goes to show give a lamp enough chain and it will hang itself.

26 2016 Apr

A Decorative Chandelier With Popular Versatility

A Decorative Chandelier With Popular VersatilityAn all in- a -one chandelier without having to look in a catalog.  I wanted something in a  decorative chandelier that could shed the light in many ways.

When i installed this structure in my living room and my wife and friends and family  loved this decorative chandelier.  My wife saids it lights up her life.  My friend came over and gazed at it and said this structure could light up his wife,  if she were here at the moment. My two children looked at it and said it lights up their mind.  I guess it didn’t occur to anybody it could light up a room.

25 2016 Apr

A Wall Sconce With A Look Of Precious illuminating Stones

A Wall Sconce With A Look Of Precious Illuminating StonesThis wall sconce is like seeing a bundle of colorful precious stones hanging from your ceiling.  The only problem i had after i installed this wall sconce was my wife and my daughter arrived at some new ideas.  Finally one day i asked them why they keep looking at this wall scone that hangs over the living room.

They said it reminds them of beautiful jewelry and they sure wish they could afford some.  Well, i could take a hint but i didn’t want to go off my budget.  I had to get something i could afford so i bought them a dog.

23 2016 Apr

A Decorative Chandelier With Circular Significance

A Decorative Chandelier With Circular SignificanceHow could something so simple and be so charming and distinctive.  When I installed this decorative chandelier everybody liked it.  Living with this fixture makes the family feel luxuriant, especially when we gather around the dinner table to eat and this decorative chandelier is above us.

My wife complimented me on my wise choice and said, “You’re the top”.  Then i asked her what about the bottom and she said wait till dark.  It’s amazing how much a person can find it the dark.

23 2016 Apr

Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan A Honeycomb Delight

Ceiling light fixture with fan a honeycomb delightWith this honeycomb design with it’s metric sections of yellow will lighten up your Ceiling light fixture with fan.  It makes me think of bees in a bee hive.  One of the wonders of nature.

When i think of the birds and bees i think of dating the opposite sex.  This women i was dating said i should more serious when we have conversations.  I told her i refuse to be serious.  If I do that I might tighten up and become frozen, and fall to pieces in Summer.