9 2018 Dec

A Hanging Lamp Makes A Sunny Statement

A  hanging lamp attached away from the ceiling brings the sunshine into one’s home.

A hanging lamp (semi-flushmount) makes a statement with a organic symbol–a pinecone. Surrounding this are  branches from a tree shinning in golden color, and a glass shade with a burgundy and leaf green band.

The art glass shade, which is created using Meyda Tiffany’s famous copperfoil construction process, is enhanced with hardware finished in Antique Copper and complemented with a matching Pinecone accent. Custom sizes, styles and energy efficient lamping options such as LED are available. UL and cUL Listed for damp and dry locations. LampsLightsGalore.com


8 2018 Dec

A Hanging Light With A Bold Expression

A hanging lamp (pendant) that hangs with a sophisticated look of serious art.  A black steel shade is eye-catching and unique to such a structure and more enhanced by a copper interior.  The frame is featured in a matching copper finish.  Handcrafted by Meyda, this pendant is available in various designs, colors, sizes and dimmable energy.

Pendent lighting can have many uses:  It can be useful in a home above a dining table and dispersing light evenly, or on a living room ceiling and giving reading light that’s easy on your eyes.  It can be useful in a business.  This hanging lamp will draw your customers’ attention because of its artful uniqueness.  LampsLightsGalore.com


7 2018 Dec

A Floor Lamp With A Touch Of Italian

This floor lamp is metrically sectioned off with beige and honey tones in square glass pieces and highlighted with green designs looking like leaves circling its shade. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

A floor lamp with a touch of art, simplicity, and European all rolled into one with Meed’s copper foil construction. This means this lamp is hand made and didn’t roll off the assembly line.

This lamp can give a person a feeling of an antique or like something from a bygone era.  This can be useful for some people who want there cake and eat it too, and one doesn’t have to go far to find it.  LampsLightsGalore.com

6 2018 Dec

A Wall Sconce With A Touch Country Music

A wall sconce is a wall light with a amber mica with a design of a country singer in a background of musical notes in a black finish.  This wall light has many options such as special sizes, finishes, colors, and dimmable energy efficient lamping, and is UL and cUL for damp and dry locations.

An old saying saids,”You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take  the country out of the boy.”  With this wall light you can say the same thing.  You can take a light out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the wall light.  For you country music lovers, the design is in your light to stay.  Reminding you– how sweet it is!  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

6 2018 Dec

A Desk Lamp Pretty As A Picture

A desk lamp where there is no end to it’s beauty.  The theme of this desk(table) lamps is dragon flies diving with amber-yellow jeweled eyes.  Red, blue yellow, orange colors accent this lamp with a twisted stem and mahogany bronze finish.Go to LampsLightGalore.com

A person named Hippocrates (460?-370? B.C.) once said, “Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgement difficult”.  It seems the only selection in the list thats “long” is art.  This desk lamp or table lamp is long because a person will never get tired of looking at it and it embodies art.  LampsLightsGalore.com

6 2018 Dec

A Decorative Lamp With A Middle East Look

A decorative lamp that’s also an accent lamp.  This lamp will give your bedroom a middle east atmosphere with it’s blue sky, pyramids and its loitering camels.  With it’s geometrical design at the shade and it’s base, a unique quality evolves.

The manifestations of human intellectual achievement has made its way to this decorative  lamp, which is why I prefer this definition to this table lamp.  So you can’t afford to take a vacation to Egypt an look at camels and pyramids. You can have this experience in your table lamp every time you sit down and turn it on.  This lamp reminds me of a very good friend of mind who passed away some time ago.  He had a facial profile that looked like a camel.  LampsLightsGalore.com


5 2018 Dec

Home Lighting Products Help Me Light Up My Home

home lightingNow that it is almost wintertime, I have been noticing just how dark my house seems all the time. With the sun going down sooner each day and coming up later, I spend a lot more time in my home when it is still pretty dark outside. Being able to find the right kinds of items that I can use to make sure that I am able to light up my home and brighten everything up is important for me.

It hasn’t taken too long to find a whole bunch of different kinds of items that are ones that are perfect for me to work with all the time. With just the right kinds of lighting items that I can place all around my home, I just know that I am going to be able to make my home look amazing. The light will definitely help me to stay a whole lot more comfortable each day.

I am so glad that I have managed to find so many great types of home lighting options that I can use to make my home look way more amazing. With the right kinds of items on hand, I have managed to brighten up the various areas all around my home without any trouble at all.  LampsLightsGalore.com

4 2018 Dec

A Bedroom Lamp With Horse Sense

A bedroom lamp that would serve two purposes in a bedroom.  If it’s installed on the ceiling over a bed it can be used for reading in bed.  It can also server the purpose of lighting the bedroom as a person entering the room, like an ordinary light fixture.

A bedroom lamp also serves as an object of beauty because of it’s craftsmanship.  At the Meyda factory everything is hand made and doesn’t come premade off an assembly line.  The customer is playing for quality for these reasons, and the materials are the best.  And yes, Meyda light fixtures are made in the USA.  Go to LampsLightsGalore.com


3 2018 Dec

A Hanging Light With Flowers On The Vine

 A hanging light with Pink, Blue, Purple and Magenta colored flowers are displayed on Blue colored Waterglass vines and accents, which complement an underbrush of Spring Green leaves. The art glass shade, which features an Iridescent White art glass background and crown, is created with Meyda Tiffany?s famous copperfoil construction process. The shade is complemented with Mahogany Bronze finished hardware. Custom colors, sizes and finishes are available, as well as dimmable energy efficient lamping options. The pendant is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations.  GO TO LAMPS.LIGHTS.GALORE.COM

One advantage of Tiffany lamps and lights is that they add an artistic atmosphere to whatever room you choose to place them.  You have lighting and art in one function.  Pieces of stained glass are an unique artful presentation as we all have observed in the churches we attend.  Why contain all that beauty to churches when you can have in your home.  It will certainly take some of the boredom out of you home atmosphere.  Even my dog noticed the difference.  He would sit on his rear and stare at my hanging lamp as if to say, “what the hell is going on here”.

Total Height: 14-49.5″
Total Weight: 9.5 lbs.

Base Type: E26
Bulb Wattage: 60
Bulb Quantity: 3
Availability: Currently In Stock


2 2018 Dec

A Tiffany Lamp That looks Like A Bird

A multi-colored Tiffany lamp including beige amber, yellow pinks, red purples, and many more colorful combinations. Like all the colors of a Peacock, this lamp covers it all.  Like all the colors in a rainbow, there are yellow pinks, red purples, amethyst etc.

This not only brings colorful art in your home with a touch of nature as well.  You can’t alway enjoy the beauty of a Peacock unless you live out in the woods, and happen to catch the sight of one.  My wife even tried to find a pattern like a peacock and try to make it in a dress.  I told her I just liked the way she is. LampsLightsGalore.com