19 2016 Feb

Landscape home lighting with an imposing impression

Landscape Lighting with an imposing impressionI’m proud to have this dignified landscape home lighting fixture in my yard.  It gives my yard and patio lots of class.

When my guests come over for an outdoor party they notice this.  Even my dog notices this fixture.  He starts to howl when I turn it on.  Its like he’s howling at the moon.  Must have some wolf in his breed.  It also has the benefit of a conversation piece and definitely improves the environment.  Sometimes my guests will just stare at it and don’t say nothing.

19 2016 Feb

A ceiling light fixture with a moonlight impression

A ceiling light with a moonshine impressionI like Chandeliers that give off a warm illumination.  In this case the glow is yellow.  I particularly like this one because of a scroll like border that surrounds the circular structure.

This ceiling light fixture makes me feel good when i walk into my house after work and turn on the ceiling lighting.  Because of the color and illumination, it makes me feel like i’m taking the sun shine outside into my living room.  Or i could say, if its a cloudy day i’m taking the imaginary sun in my house with me.

17 2016 Feb

A Tiffany floor lamp with a vision of blue

A Tiffany Floor Lamp with a vision of blue


Just like the old song Blue Skies Looking At Me,  this Tiffany floor lamp bluest beauty is like a clear blue sky and it don’t sing the blues.  Colors are integrated in light and dark blue with yellow laced in.  Simple but perfectly beautiful.

I like to sit in my sofa with my girl friend and let my imagination go wild.  I’ve got my love to keep me warm, just like the old song, and a clear blue sky to picnic in, even if the weather right now is awful.  My bluish Tiffany floor helps me visualize that mental picture.


16 2016 Feb

A Tiffany table lamp like a flower bouquet

A Tiffany table lamp like a flower bouqutHaving this style of Tiffany table lamp in your living room is like having a bouquet of flowers on your table.  Worked into the stained glass shade are colors that resemble colors from many different flowers.

If  you like working in the garden with flowers, this is your lamp.  Or if you’re busy in climbing the corporate business ladder and don’t have time to stop and smell the roses, then you can always have this lamp on your office desk as a pleasant reminder of flowers from a Tiffany table lamp.