24 2016 Mar

Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan Is Light With A Breeze

Ceiling Light Fixture With Fan Is Light With A BreezeThis ceiling light fixture with fan has rainbow metric colors all over the place in neatly drawn lines and  columns.  It really lights up the room and brings a cool breeze with it.  I know all about cool breezes.  I used to be a sailor and worked on deck.

I take a nap under this ceilng light fixture with  fan and have dreams about the sea and the food we used to eat.  I’ll never forget the time when i had to go before the Captain about signing on and had eaten too much chili.  I wasn’t easy to stand at attention and hold in and stop the momentum.

24 2016 Mar

A Colorful Ceiling-Fan With A Dual Purpose

72650I like Tiffany colored ceiling light fixtures.  I also like a fan going for hot days and to refresh the air from house and cooking odors.  This ceiling light fixture with fan is the solution.  I also like to nap on the couch.  I turn off the lamp and leave the fan running.

I sleep well but my wife saids its because I’m tall and the couch is long.  I’m glad I didn’t buy a short couch and lose sleep.  I sleep longer in a long couch.

23 2016 Mar

A Hanging Light Fixture With A CrossOver Design

A Hanging Light With A Crossover DesignThis hanging light reminds of being at the cross roads of marriage.  Each lamp shade facing its opposite, I wanted to buy something for my wife.  I went to a jewelry store to buy her something nice.

The clerk kept showing me different pieces and I kept rejecting them because they were too expensive.  I asked him to show me something cheap.  He went into the back room and came out with a mirror.  He said you want something cheap– look in the mirror.


22 2016 Mar

A hanging Light Bringing Roses That Rise From The Earth

A Hanging Light Bringing Roses That Rise From The EarthHow’s this for a good fairy tale:  You go digging for treasure in the ground and you come up with a vessel of beauty flowers and hang them up in a suitable container from your ceiling.  They make you feel so good your forget about finding gold or precious stones.

Looking at this hanging light is just about as good as the fairy tale.  If you should go digging in your backyard, for whatever the reason, and dig up something that has been.  Problem– what is it now?

22 2016 Mar

A Hanging Lamp With Fruit On The Vine

A Hanging Lamp With Fruit On The VineYou will want this hanging lamp if you want to bring some semblance of your fruit trees in your home.  Being a plant lover myself I was attracted to this lamp. I decided to put this hanging light in the den where me and friends  play poker.

When my friends came and we sat down and started to play poker, one of my friends started to feel uncomfortable.  The fruit colors of the lamp reminded him of the slot machines he use to play in Los Vegas.  He had to stop playing the slots cause he said he had lost everything except his religion.  I told him, for his sake, i hope he brought his religion with him when he stepped into this house and into this game.

19 2016 Mar

A majestic Chandelier With Luster, Lushly illumination

A Majestic Chandelier With Luster, Lushly IlluminationI’m a builder and just finished a new, elegant hotel.  Me and my collaborators were looking for a elaborate lobby ceiling light fixture.  We spotted this one on the internet and installed it.  I was right it did get attention from our newly arrived guests.

I had a peculiar thought while looking up at this chandelier ceiling light fixture.  It occurred to me while I noticed crystal droplets on the frame of the chandelier.  I just remembered I didn’t let the dog out before I left the house.

18 2016 Mar

A Table Lamp With Geometric Artful Design

A Table Lamp With Geometric Artful DesignI’ve often admired Picasso who could take natural forms and convert them into geometric (cubism) art forms.  Even though i’m as mathematical as a frog, this interested me.  So i bought it.

I serves, among other things, a great conversational piece when my mathematical friends come over and inspect my table lamp.   They say, “where did you get that table lamp.”?  Some of them were never interested in the arts, until now.  Some how this table lamp seemed to smooth out the evening.  My guests seemed to be more content with my  table lamp on.  Finally we could talk about art for a change instead of how to work on automobile engines and measure wood when building cabinets.  The conversation even got to restoring old cars with fancy paint jobs. Now that is also art.  Who ever thought that a Accent table lamp could change people’s minds.  I guess they finally saw the light.

17 2016 Mar

A Tiffany Floor Lamp With A New Angle

A Tiffany Floor Lamp With A New AngleA work of art in simplicity that has been created in a floor lamp.  I had a choice.  Buy a painting or some other work of art.  My finances would not let me do both.

I never knew a classic style of art could be found in lighting.  My choice was made for the Tiffany floor lamp which rubbed me the right way.  I love the strong, simple geometric style which somehow defines my disposition.  The  Floor lamp is me.  I can spend minutes looking at it.  But i have to be careful when my girl friend comes over.  I have a tendency to ignore her when i turn the lamp low.  I have to remember she is also in the room and romance is in the air.  I told one of my friends about this and they said i need a therapist.  I wonder….

17 2016 Mar

A Tiffany Floor Lamp With Never-Ending Adornment


A Tiffany Floor Lamp With Never-Ending Adornment

A Tiffany floor lamp with a hang over glass shade dotted with pieces of colored glass giving off an impression of jewels with many colors.  I was overwhelmed and purchased this master piece of art.

It’s varied colors, curly curls on its frame made me fall in love with it. I had to pinch pennies and watch my budge to make it through the month, but it was worth it.  This Tiffany floor lamp makes me feel like a king in a castle even though the only excessive wealth i have is my name–Rich-ard.

17 2016 Mar

A Hanging Light Reminiscent Of Castles And Cathedrals


A Hanging Light Reminiscent Of Castles And Cathedrals

I have a store that sells lights.  I have to have something impressive to bring customers to my ad pictures in the mass media, and entice my customers when they walk into my store.  This hanging light pendant stopped a lot of my customers in their tracks.

I think I might have gone too far.  I had a Zen Buddhist come in to my store  and stared at the hanging light.  He mumbled something that sounded like, “make me see the light”.  So I sold him a flashlight.  He looked at me kind of funny and walked out.