14 2017 Dec

A Lamp Shade With Fancy Threads

A lamp shade with an ornamental border consisting of hanging strips and or threads.  An orange-vanilla color shade with crooked geometric designs surround  the upper border of the shade.  Total Height: 13″
Total Width: 19″
Total Weight: 6 lbs.

If you get bored with some of the fixtures in your house and would like something fancy to brighten up a room in your house,  a new lamp shade like this one will do the job.  Just make sure you choose a style that will match your other furniture.  It would be nice to sit down next to a lamp and read and be able to say, “Ain’t that pretty”.  Just make sure you don’t have a porno magazine in you hand when your wife enters the room.



12 2017 Dec

A Christmas Tree Light Fixture For Small Places

A Christmas accent light fixture in a mixture of Christmas colors. A light fixture for a mantle or table in a Christmas spirit in colorful pine green and red, with art glass jewel accents in yellow and blue.

If somebody wants to jazz up an empty mantle or desk top, this tree light would be the answer, especially at Christmas.  My dog was so impressed he thought it was real.  But got frustration because he couldn’t jump up high enough to reach the mantle.  Well, that goes to show you that every dog has it’s day.

11 2017 Dec

A Lantern Light Like An Old Miners Lamp

 A lantern light or wall light designed like a  lantern with a candela luminous intensity.  (By definition this means …of a source that emits monochromatic radiation of frequency 540×10(12 Hz) and has a radiant intensity in that direction of  1/683 watt per steradian-unit of solid angle . ) It’s alluring design has a black finish and clear glass lens which contains a candelabra bulb that illuminates from within..

Custom crafted by Meyda artisans in the Yorkville, NY manufacturing facility in the USA, the wall fixture is available in custom sizes, styles, and colors, and with dimmable energy efficient lamping options. This sconce is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations.

Total Height: 20″
Total Width: 7″
Total Depth: 8.5″
Total Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Bulb Type: CNDL
Bulb Wattage: 60
Bulb Quantity: 1
Availability: Custom Crafted In Yorkville, New York Please Allow 56 Days

9 2017 Dec

Tiffany Style Floor Lamps are Decorative in Any Space

As I began to look for some different types of lamps that I might be able to use around my home, I was really happy to be able to find the perfect kinds of floor lamps that were ones that were really beautiful to look at. I didn’t just want some lamps that would light up the space, I also wanted to make sure that I would be able to have the right kind of lamp to add a bit of decoration.

It was wonderful for me to spend a good amount of time looking at the variety of options that were ones that were perfect for me to place all around my home. I found some truly spectacular Tiffany style floor lamp options that were extremely beautiful to look at. With these amazing kinds of lamps, I just know that my living room will look a whole lot better.

Once I have the right kinds of lamps all around my home, I am going to be able to make the space look truly spectacular. It is going to be wonderful having some decorative and great looking lamps that I can use all around my home on a regular basis.

8 2017 Dec

Indoor Lighting With An Outdoor Sailing Boat

A Indoor Lighting Fixture with a beige background seems to be docking in the still of night. But maybe not.  Maybe its darkness is only to create contrast.  This fixture would be interesting for those who like sailing and have a boat of their own.

But if that’s not the case, it would decorate a room in any part of the house.  It’s almost like having a famous painting on a wall.  Even my dog was impressed. He sat there barking at it and kept jumping up and down, like he wanted to jump inside it.  Well my dog go it’s wish because my wife insisted that we rent a boat and go sailing.

7 2017 Dec

Home Theater Lighting Like Yesterdays


A home theater lighting designed with the glamour of an old fashion movie. Made from art glass using copper foil construction.  Layers of glass cylinders together create a dimensional effect.  Energy efficient CFL lamping included. Handcrafted in the USA, this fixture is offered in custom sizes, styles and colors.LampsLightsGalore.com

If a home owner goes and buys all the movie equipment, big screen, surround sound etc, then a person can go all the way  and buy some movie lighting.  This will really make a home like going to the movies in the go old days.  A man and women can even pretend like they just meant and going to the movies was their first date.  Ah yes, to be young again….

6 2017 Dec

A Home Lighting Fixture Like A Rainbow

A home lighting ceiling fixture that presents  a medley of colors.  It brings a rainbow in a room with it’s variety of colors and designs.  This light is supported by an oil rubbed bronze finish. This ceiling fixture is like a statue of colors.

This fixture was created by the hands of our artisans at its manufacturing facility in Upstate New York in the USA. Custom sizes, styles and colors are available, as well as dimmable, energy efficient lamping options. The 47-inch wide fixture is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations. 


4 2017 Dec

A Ceiling Light Fixture With Cascading Crystals

A ceiling light fixture with cascading crystal tubes.  A light fixture giving drama to any atmosphere or room.  It inspires awe with it’s engineered design.  It’s place is in large residential, hospitality and commercial spaces.  It’s beauty is never finished.

Hardware is featured in a Buttered Brass finish. Custom crafted by highly skilled artisans in the USA, this fixture is offered in custom sizes, styles and finishes, as well as dimmable energy efficient lamping options. The 48-inch wide ceiling fixture is UL and cUL listed for dry and damp locations. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

3 2017 Dec

A Hanging Lamp Makes A Sunny Statement

A  hanging lamp attached away from the ceiling brings the sunshine into one’s home.

A hanging lamp (semi-flushmount) makes a statement with a organic symbol–a pinecone. Surrounding this are  branches from a tree shinning in golden color, and a glass shade with a burgundy and leaf green band.

The art glass shade, which is created using Meyda Tiffany’s famous copperfoil construction process, is enhanced with hardware finished in Antique Copper and complemented with a matching Pinecone accent. Custom sizes, styles and energy efficient lamping options such as LED are available. UL and cUL Listed for damp and dry locations.


2 2017 Dec

A Hanging Light With A Bold Expression

A hanging lamp (pendant) that hangs with a sophisticated look of serious art.  A black steel shade is eye-catching and unique to such a structure and more enhanced by a copper interior.  The frame is featured in a matching copper finish.  Handcrafted by Meyda, this pendant is available in various designs, colors, sizes and dimmable energy.

Pendent lighting can have many uses:  It can be useful in a home above a dining table and dispersing light evenly, or on a living room ceiling and giving reading light that’s easy on your eyes.  It can be useful in a business.  This hanging lamp will draw your customers’ attention because of its artful uniqueness.