26 2017 Dec

A Wall Sconce That Towers In Blue

A wall sconce radiates a powerful impression.  There’s something about this sconce that reminds me of an European tower or something your would see in an ancient church with colored glass.  It’s like a pillar in light blue like a blue sky on a clear day.  The lines remind me of the decor on a pillar on a church in Rome.

With all these impressions, can you imagine what this can do in your home.  Put it in a dark hallway and feel good looking at it every time you walk down this part of your house.

8 2017 Nov

A Wall Sconce With Strong Lines

A wall sconce (wall light) with a arrowhead design and beige and sunburst glass shade, and red arrowhead accent give this fixture a Mission style.  This wall sconce is constructed using Meyda Tiffany’s famous copperfoil construction process.

A wall light can mean more that a porch light fixture.  This wall sconce has simple class that can enhance a room like no other.  It’s colorful brightness can add a touch of Spanish or South American ornamentation.  This wall light is useful in lighting up dark corners, or kissing a potential lover goodnight under a romantic light setting.

22 2017 Oct

A Home Theater Lighting That’s Theatrical

A home theater lighting is an eye catching design that lights up a room like in a movie theater.

A strip of celluloid used to project a motion or still pictures is used for a design to make this a genuine theater lighting.  To give it a proper symbol is a box of popcorn.  This light is a sconce that grasps the wall and creates the right amount of light that gives a theatre lighting atmosphere.

Bring the movie theater into your home by giving your room the kind of atmosphere you used to see when you were a kid at the movie house.


30 2017 Aug

A Home Lighting Wall Light That’s Paradise Plus

This home lighting sconce presents oak leaves and branches draping themselves around two artful glass shades.  The glass shades are an arrangement of many colors such as green, orange, red, blue–reminding one of a south Pacific paradise.  The colors form a lace or knitting in imitation of the edge of a scallop.  This sconce is a tribute to the powerful mighty oak in all it’s strength.

This is a good way to bring a piece of paradise in your own home.  The is the case for those of your who can’t afford a trip to Hawaii.


4 2017 Jun

The Everything Wall Sconce You’ve Aways Wanted

A wall sconce sea foam color designed in a river of amber glass and suspended by a nickel finished hardware.  The jewel-like figures dote this shade,  and the accents on this work of art give an impression of being close to an ocean with a portraid of beauty like a rare painting.

This is as good as it gets.  All this green reminds me of a golf course i used to play on. It’s the only game you use your hands and bend over. I made the mistake of drinking a cup of coffee while on the course.  One person in a group passed me by and flipped a dime in my cup.

24 2017 May

A lantern Light Where A Pine Tree Grows Inside

If you like trees especially those that come from the pine family, you will like this wall sconce lantern light.  A tall slender tree designed in the craftsmanship of the Mayda factory placed inside this lantern light fixture wall light.  It’s rust finish and amber light give a sunshine like light without strain.

One thing i like about golf it gets me out of the kitchen and outside among the pine tress.  That’s why i like this lantern light on my kitchen wall.  I gives me good memories of the fun of playing golf, and the smell of pine trees on the the golf course.  One reason i don’t take my dog with me is because last time he left something on the course which spoiled my sense of smell.  I like to take the smell of pine with me, so no dog.

23 2017 May

Home Theater Lighting Brings The Movies Home

A strip of celluloid used to project a motion or still pictures is used for a design to make this a genuine home threater lighting. To give it a proper symbol is a box of popcorn. This light is a sconce that grasps the wall and luminates the right amount of light that gives a theatre lighting atmosphere.

My life has always been connected to the movies.  Now I can bring the movies into my home with my home theater lighting  The only problem is i turned into a couch potato.  My wife kept barking at me, “Get up and  do  something you lazy critter.”  That’s when i developed a bad back.


26 2017 Apr

A bedroom lighting fixture became a twin.

A wall sconce with twin lights with shades in a frosted glass that diffuses the light efficiently.  The frame with its curved arms and made in a bronze finish.

This bedroom lighting fixture would be useful on the back board of a double bed.   One light for you and another for your wife.  How romantic.

 This  bedroom lighting fixture is handcrafted in the USA and is available in custom sizes, configurations, styles and finishes. Dimmable energy efficient lamping options, such as LED, are available. The sconce is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations.

Total Height: 11.5″
Total Width: 18.5″
Total Depth: 12.5″

5 2017 Apr

A Wall Sconce Frosted In The Northern Hemisphere

A wall sconce wall LED light with frosted casing, silver mica diffuser and a Tamarack tree design feature for a  decorative accent.  The Tamarack is patterned after a coniferous tree with bunches of deciduous bright green needles found in cool regions of the northern hemisphere.

This wall sconce would be good hanging on your wall in the heat of summer.  It might  make you feel cooled off. It just goes to show:  many are cold but few are frozen.  In this case this wall lighting is frosted.  So few are frosted–ha, ha, ha!


1 2017 Apr

A Lantern Light With A Jack O Lantern Touch

A Lantern Light wall light that’s reminiscent of the Jack O Lantern legend which comes from Irish folklore.  Designed with a metal frame and glass panels. It has a historical look like something one would see in an old English movie like Sherlock Homes.

I like this lantern for it’s decor.  I placed it in the living room of my house.  I like to turn off the other lights and leave this one on.  It creates a romantic atmosphere.  I like to watch television in this atmosphere with my girl friend. It’s a good way to propose.  Just make sure there’s not a horror movie on the TV.  You don’t want her to get distracted.  Let the lantern light do it all.