15 2018 Jan

Decorative Lamp In A Card Game

A Decorative Lamp (Pendant) hanging by a chain with unusual decor.  Great for hanging over a table of people playing cards.  It certainly is in character with any card game and reflects the atmosphere.  Colorful in an appropriate style with silky white on the glass shade and blue and dark red accents.  Playing card combinations give this lamp shade its character.  Who wouldn’t love a good card game with this invention hanging over the table.

My wife didn’t mind me playing cards and setting this decorative lamp up in the living room.  Her only stipulation was that when i play cards don’t play new maid when the new girl starts to work in our house.  She said i’de better play old maid and stick with her.

3 2018 Jan

A Billiard Light That Likes To Ski

A billiard light that must have been inspired by the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics near Lake Placid. Skiers slaloming down various trails on the ski slops is what this design is all about. Several color schemes surround this ski person include white and beige against a blue sky. This billiard light is perfect also for dining tables, bars, islands, and counters. LED is also available along with custom sizes, and colors.

I tried skiing once.  Down the slope i went.  Everything seem to go all right until i got down the slope and realized i lost my skis.

26 2017 Dec

Tiffany Lamps Keep My Home Cozy

I love finding some great Tiffany lamps that help me to have the perfect glow for my whole place. It is nice to have some really cozy lights with these lamps that I have been getting. The lamps give my home a really unique look and I have really been in love with these kinds of lamps. They are an awesome way for me to have the kind of atmosphere that I want to have.

I can find all sorts of lamps of the Tiffany kind online and it is nice to get these kinds of lights for my whole home. I love to find some great lamps for the living room and for the bedroom to add some cozy light there and for every other part of my home as well. The lamps are perfect for giving me light that is beautiful and soothing.

I have always loved the look of some Tiffany lamps and the ones that I have been getting for my home have been so awesome to have. The lamps are great for giving my home some serious style and I love that they give me light that is bright, yet soft enough to create a really cozy vibe. The lamps are nice for my home.

7 2017 Dec

Home Theater Lighting Like Yesterdays


A home theater lighting designed with the glamour of an old fashion movie. Made from art glass using copper foil construction.  Layers of glass cylinders together create a dimensional effect.  Energy efficient CFL lamping included. Handcrafted in the USA, this fixture is offered in custom sizes, styles and colors.LampsLightsGalore.com

If a home owner goes and buys all the movie equipment, big screen, surround sound etc, then a person can go all the way  and buy some movie lighting.  This will really make a home like going to the movies in the go old days.  A man and women can even pretend like they just meant and going to the movies was their first date.  Ah yes, to be young again….

3 2017 Dec

A Hanging Lamp Makes A Sunny Statement

A  hanging lamp attached away from the ceiling brings the sunshine into one’s home.

A hanging lamp (semi-flushmount) makes a statement with a organic symbol–a pinecone. Surrounding this are  branches from a tree shinning in golden color, and a glass shade with a burgundy and leaf green band.

The art glass shade, which is created using Meyda Tiffany’s famous copperfoil construction process, is enhanced with hardware finished in Antique Copper and complemented with a matching Pinecone accent. Custom sizes, styles and energy efficient lamping options such as LED are available. UL and cUL Listed for damp and dry locations.


2 2017 Dec

A Hanging Light With A Bold Expression

A hanging lamp (pendant) that hangs with a sophisticated look of serious art.  A black steel shade is eye-catching and unique to such a structure and more enhanced by a copper interior.  The frame is featured in a matching copper finish.  Handcrafted by Meyda, this pendant is available in various designs, colors, sizes and dimmable energy.

Pendent lighting can have many uses:  It can be useful in a home above a dining table and dispersing light evenly, or on a living room ceiling and giving reading light that’s easy on your eyes.  It can be useful in a business.  This hanging lamp will draw your customers’ attention because of its artful uniqueness.


17 2017 Nov

A Personalized Billiard Light With Style

A billiard light with a  honey amber stained glass background, an 39 inch long fixture, crossed billiard cues, and multicolored ball images is what this billiard light is all about.  Added to this is an frame and hardware made in a textured black finish and a 8 ball in the middle of a circular design as an added accent.

If you can’t make it to the bar or are a non-drinker, you can create this atmosphere right in your home.  Install this billiard light above your pool table and you will feel the atmosphere right down to your cue stick.

19 2017 Oct

A Hanging Light With The Bear Facts

This is a hanging light in triplicate or three parts.  This hanging light is a pendant with a black bear wandering by a lake in the woods.  The frame is finished in black and has amber mica panels.  Looking at this makes any ambitious hunter want to be out in the woods.  But if this is not possible at lease it will be a reminder of pleasant memories and better times to come.

One football player gave up the sport.  He got tired of getting kicked, clawed and scratched.  So he took up hunting.  But after he got chased by a black bear, he decided to back to football.

18 2017 Oct

A Hanging Lamp With A Tinge Of Blue

A hanging lamp (pendant) that is like a Serenade in Blue only it doesn’t sing under your window in the open air like your it’s your lover, but hangs from the ceiling like a message in beauty.  It’s decor it like many leaves with a grayish, blue, and black pattern with green and light green leaves at the top of this shade.

If you like blue skies and blue oceans than this hanging lamp will keep those images in your mind.  This hanging lamp reminds me of the time i was a seaman where i used to look out the porthole and see nothing but a sky line and blue water.  I never could understand why they call a porthole a porthole.  Where’s the port?

30 2017 Sep

A Bar Fly Billiard Light Fixture

A Billiard Light fixture that is a honey amber stained glass background, outlining an 39 inch long fixture, crossed billiard cues, and multicolored ball images is what this billiard light is all about.  Added t this is an frame and hardware made in a textured black finish and a 8 ball in the middle of a circular design as an added accent.

You don’t have to frequent bars to like this billiard light because it’s so decorative and will differently give your pool room atmosphere.  You and your players will feel good with this kind of accent and might even enjoy your game more.