14 2018 Jan

A Floor Lamp That’s Looney

A floor lamp with a picture of an aquatic bird (Loon) posing inside a a honey-colored art glass lamp shade like it’s his natural habitat.  A floor arm decorated with scroll and a decorative bridge giving both style and convenience.  No need to keep pulling this floor lamp closer to your easy chair while reading or watching TV.

This lamp was hard on my pet cat.  He kept trying to climb up the base  of the lamp because he thought there was a meal to be had.  After falling down a number of times,  he never chased a bird again.  I guess he though less is better.

2 2018 Jan

Bedroom Lighting Bordered With Jewels & Roses

Bedroom Lighting in the form of a floor torchiere lamp that can provide a mystical atmosphere in any room– something like being in a ancient church with colored glass with artful figures. If a person may want a subtle lighting in a bedroom, like in message parlors.

A lamp begins at the base with a bronze base and grows into a beige glass top bordered with clusters of embossed roses. This can be a good substitute if you keep forgetting to bring roses home to your wife.  It might make her forget that you forget.

29 2017 Dec

An Adjustable Floor Lamp On The Fly

An adjustable floor lamp that has a reach that allows the lamp shade to come closer to you.  This lamp is designed with a dragon fly in mind. Very colorful in character with jewel-like pieces of purple, sky blue, violet, scarlet red, and amber.  The arm and base are in brass and scrolls top the lamp.

When i first purchased this lamp i went to bed the following night and i dreamed i was a dragonfly flying all over the universe.  My wife asked me next time i fly off to the universe, bring me back some of those glistening jewels of red and amber that decorates the lamp.

25 2017 Dec

A Tulip Floor Lamp With Tulip Design

A tulip floor lamp with multiple beauty and colored designs. The foundation of its lamp shade is beige with red tulips in a circular pattern combined with green leaves and amethyst jewels as an accent. A floor Lamp with beige glass panels with a foundation for various color designs with pinkish-red tulip design circling the shade with a setting of spring green leaves and a substance of crystallized quarts made into  jewel-like  figures and mahogany granite glass.

This tulip floor lamp will spice up the atmosphere of a room without glaring light and give a room a romantic mood.  Good for inviting your girl friend over.

22 2017 Dec

Tiffany Style Floor Lamp With Rainbow Like Color

A Tiffany Style Floor Lamp with a play of rainbow like color and retraction of light waves complimented with a top border of blue/green nautical shells A beige color lampshade provides a contrast with amber formed jewels.

A Tiffany style floor lamp with simplicity and artistic color take the imagination from one extreme to the other.  But being a Torchiere floor lamp means providing a soft light and adding illumination to areas where overhead lighting is inadequate, like a romanic lighting for romancing your wife or a girl friend.  I had to be careful, though, to keep my dog away from this lamp.  My friend brought over a female dog, and my dog started to get romantic.  Kind of embarrassing with your girl sitting next to you and two dogs are getting it on.


21 2017 Dec

A Tiffany Lamp That looks Like A Bird

A multi-colored Tiffany lamp including beige amber, yellow pinks, red purples, and many more colorful combinations. Like all the colors of a Peacock, this lamp covers it all.  Like all the colors in a rainbow, there are yellow pinks, red purples, amethyst etc.

This not only brings colorful art in your home with a touch of nature as well.  You can’t alway enjoy the beauty of a Peacock unless you live out in the woods, and happen to catch the sight of one.  My wife even tried to find a pattern like a peacock and try to make it in a dress.  I told her I just liked the way she is.


9 2017 Dec

Tiffany Style Floor Lamps are Decorative in Any Space

As I began to look for some different types of lamps that I might be able to use around my home, I was really happy to be able to find the perfect kinds of floor lamps that were ones that were really beautiful to look at. I didn’t just want some lamps that would light up the space, I also wanted to make sure that I would be able to have the right kind of lamp to add a bit of decoration.

It was wonderful for me to spend a good amount of time looking at the variety of options that were ones that were perfect for me to place all around my home. I found some truly spectacular Tiffany style floor lamp options that were extremely beautiful to look at. With these amazing kinds of lamps, I just know that my living room will look a whole lot better.

Once I have the right kinds of lamps all around my home, I am going to be able to make the space look truly spectacular. It is going to be wonderful having some decorative and great looking lamps that I can use all around my home on a regular basis.

1 2017 Dec

A Floor Lamp With A Touch Of Italian

This floor lamp is metrically sectioned off with beige and honey tones in square glass pieces and highlighted with green designs looking like leaves circling its shade. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

A floor lamp with a touch of art, simplicity, and European all rolled into one with Meed’s copper foil construction. This means this lamp is hand made and didn’t roll off the assembly line.

This lamp can give a person a feeling of an antique or like something from a bygone era.  This can be useful for some people who want there cake and eat it to, and one doesn’t have to go far to find it.

12 2017 Nov

An Adjustable Floor Lamp That’s Flexible

An adjustable floor lamp with a country sunflower look.  Growing on stalks of green leaves and a tilted shade makes this lamp easy to light on the person reading.  A shade attached to a over- hanging bridge arm and floor lamp base with mahogany bronze finish, complete a versatile floor lamp.

Flower up your day with this beauty.  It will like bring your garden in your own home.  It’s like what do you call a person who goes to bed at night and dreams of sunny days?  Answer:  A person about to buy a wild sunflower bridge arm floor lamp.

7 2017 Nov

A Tulip Floor Lamp Reaching Out

A tulip floor lamp like a bouquet of roses waiting to bring light. A tulip floor lamp with a art glass shade that’s looks like leaves coming out of the ground and roses growing from that base. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

This tulip floor lamp that is a torchiere floor lamp can give indirect Illumination that reflect off the ceiling and still give a space for lighting.  These lamp can give a room a special atmosphere to a room.  If your thinking off a romantic evening with your significant other and don’t have a fireplace, try one of these lamp.  It might make your lover bounce off the ceiling.,