8 2018 Jan

A Whispering Ceiling Mount Light Among The Pines

A ceiling mount light (Flushmount) with a finish in silver mica and a shade in amber mica.  Pine cones and twigs accent this light, giving a touch of the out doors.  If you a lover of the forests and have camped out in beneath pine trees, this ceiling light will add comfort to a room in your home by reminding you of those cherish camping trips. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

I always love camping in the forest but i have to remember where and when i sit down to rest.  I leaned that lesson the hard way when i sat down on a pine cone.  I could swear i saw a deer with a grin on his face as i jumped up howling.

6 2018 Jan

A Ceiling Light Fixture Of Jubilation

A ceiling light fixture with a festival of colors that make one dream of a moon of jewels shedding jewel-like light in a room from the ceiling. Like a celestial body that gives light in a lustrous manner, it can make a unique atmosphere.

My living room was as dull as a light with a broken light bulb.  I had to do something to bring some joy into the room.  I got to the point nobody wanted to spend time there.  One night i looked out side my home and saw a full moon.  Next day i saw this ceiling light fixture in a store and i wanted something that would cast a spell like a full moon.  This light fixture was my answer.  Even my dog started to howl.

6 2017 Dec

A Home Lighting Fixture Like A Rainbow

A home lighting ceiling fixture that presents  a medley of colors.  It brings a rainbow in a room with it’s variety of colors and designs.  This light is supported by an oil rubbed bronze finish. This ceiling fixture is like a statue of colors.

This fixture was created by the hands of our artisans at its manufacturing facility in Upstate New York in the USA. Custom sizes, styles and colors are available, as well as dimmable, energy efficient lamping options. The 47-inch wide fixture is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations. 


4 2017 Dec

A Ceiling Light Fixture With Cascading Crystals

A ceiling light fixture with cascading crystal tubes.  A light fixture giving drama to any atmosphere or room.  It inspires awe with it’s engineered design.  It’s place is in large residential, hospitality and commercial spaces.  It’s beauty is never finished.

Hardware is featured in a Buttered Brass finish. Custom crafted by highly skilled artisans in the USA, this fixture is offered in custom sizes, styles and finishes, as well as dimmable energy efficient lamping options. The 48-inch wide ceiling fixture is UL and cUL listed for dry and damp locations. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

24 2017 Nov

A Ceiling Mount Light That’s Dear To Us

A ceiling mount light that would make hunters or nature lovers or animal lovers cheer up on occasion as they would glance at the ceiling in their home.  A white tail deer leaping among the trees makes for pleasant memories of past memorable times spent in nature.  Now those times are in your own home and at your disposal.  In addition the materials are of high quality made from silver mica framed in antique copper.

This is Bambi at it’s best.  Samuel Butler once wrote, “All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it.”  This ceiling mount light is a good reminder.


18 2017 Nov

A Ceiling Light Fixture That Glows Like Rubies

A ceiling light fixture (titled Fleur-de-lis) is French for a royal arms of France, and the top of the lamp is a border that circles this three- petal insignia.  This fixture is a custom crafted item that comprises many jewel like colors and borders that can remind one of a rainbow, and then some, like flower bouquets. If your looking for an artful structure and ceiling light, this is the one. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

So if you are one who likes to stare at the ceiling in self-reflection and hope to see the light, this ceiling light fixture will give you many colors to choose from.


16 2017 Nov

Bedroom Lighting Like Tampa Bay Florida

This semi-flushmount  bedroom ceiling light fixture is called that name because it reminds one of a port and resort on the western coast of Florida.  It’s deep blue streaks and leaf like green shapes both are similar to the ocean and palm leaves.

On the base of this light fixture there are light brown shapes like sails on a sailboat.  How enchanting it would be to turn this light on or off in the bedroom with this kind of image illuminating your room like it was a special occasion.  LampsLightGalore.com

31 2017 Oct

A Ceiling Mount Light Helps Light Up My Home

ceiling mount lightI recently began to spend a bit of time working on finding just the right kinds of lights that I would be able to use around my home. It was really important for me to be able to find some beautiful lights that would look nice around my home on a regular basis. Finding the perfect kinds of lighting that would bring light to the spaces around my home and look nice was important to me.

Picking out just the right kinds of lights to use around my home was something that was so important to me. I took a lot of time to look at the various kinds of ceiling lights just so that I would be able to get my home looking a lot nicer. With a ceiling mount light in my living room, I know the space will really be one that is a lot brighter and easier to work with.

It is amazing being able to have lights like this one that will really change the overall look of my home. Being able to take a bit of time to get a light that is one that will look nice is so important to me. I have managed to find so many beautiful ceiling lights that are perfect to use to light up the space nicely.

8 2017 Oct

A Ceiling Light Fixture With A Look Of Antiquity

A CEILING LIGHT FIXTURE (FLUSHMOUNT WITH A CAGED FRAME AND SPROCKET CONFIGURATION (each of several projections on the rim of a wheel that engage with the links of a chain or with holes in film, tape, or paper).  THIS DESIGN GOES BACK TO THE 16TH CENTURY.  FINISHED IN COPPER FINISH AND SOLID STEEL HARDWARE.

This ceiling light fixture is said to be an exposed Edison lamp sprocket configuration going back to the 16th century. So you have an antique hanging from the ceiling of one your rooms.  What could be more dramatic?  It makes my wife feel she’s been somewhere she’s never been.

1 2017 Oct

A Ceiling Light Fixture Like A Desert Sky

A Beige art glass shade structure circular designed by native American trim.  A light ceiling light fixture that is reminiscent of a Arizona desert sky, and native American art which is a trim that is tribal geometrics in multi-colors.

This is a semi-flushmount ceiling light fixture that uses a stem to keep the body of the fixture slightly away from the the ceiling.  This can turn a home into a dream home.  It has yellow sky look like you see in Arizona.  How comfortable that would be on those cloudy winter days.  Even my dog liked my home atmosphere.  He even gave me the  signal to go out doors to do his business–thinking the weather was favorable.