27 2018 Mar

A Beautiful Ceiling Light Fixture Is Ideal In Every Space

I like to have some nice ceiling fixtures that give me the best way to light up every space. A good ceiling light really creates the atmosphere of a room and I can always find some awesome light fixtures online that give me the style I need. It is exciting to see what kinds of styles I can find. I am moving into a new place soon and I can’t wait to fill it with beautiful light.

The right lighting helps me to ensure the best atmosphere at my home whether I want to entertain or I want to enjoy some relaxing time reading. It is nice to get some beautiful fixtures for every room. I am excited to get some for my new apartment that is spacious and right by the water. It will be a nice upgrade to my current place.

The new place will be better than any of my previous apartments and I can’t wait to decorate the new place and get a pretty ceiling light fixture for every room, including the bedroom, the living room, and the home office area. I like that ceiling fixtures are never in the way and that they can be put right in the center of a room to light up the whole area.

1 2018 Mar

A Rustic Home Lighting Fixture

A rustic home lighting flush mount ceiling fixture with a dispersion of sunset light color on pine cones and pine needles.   Energy efficient lamping options are available. The flush mount is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations. The amber mica lens with a bottom diffuser gives a strong light. 

Bringing something of the forrest and woods back in your living room with this rustic charming ambient light, can bring memories of good out door times.

My dog likes to chase after small animals when i’m hunting in the woods.  When i installed this this ceiling light, he thought he was in the forrest.  He got frustrated because he couldn’t reach the light.  At least he saw the light.

24 2018 Feb

A Decorative Lamp Colored Like A Peacock

A Decorative Lamp multi-hued or multi-colored that is descriptive of a Peacock fanning it’s feathers. Individuality is here because no to shades will ever be the same because of a hand made product.

This artistic creation utilizes swirling opalescent art glass background combinations including Beige, Yellow Pinks, Golden Greens, Ivories, Bluish Whites, Turquoise Blues, Olive and Spring Greens. The eye of the plumage design reveals Purples, Pastel Blues, Teals, Cobalt and Ivories, accented with Blue and Purple colored jewels. Individual pieces of glass are hand cut and wrapped using Meyda Tiffany’s famous copper foil construction. Each shade is a unique









22 2018 Feb

Ceiling Mount Light With Beauty Blue

Ceiling Mount Light created by Tiffany of a domed brickwork of emerald, cobalt, and ruby tinted honey glass.  With a design with an emphasis in dark blue and yellow tabular shaped accent tabular accents. This ceiling mount light is hand cut and a bronze finish. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

This ceiling mount light, now that i installed it, makes me feel, when i’m setting under it, like blue skies and triplets of precious stones and sunshine coming down on me.  I enjoy coming home from work, sitting in my easy chair, reading the paper and looking up at this beauty.  It also helps me forget a bad day when i’m having one.





19 2018 Feb

  A Ceiling Light Fixture That Sparkles Like Stars

If you are a star gazer, you can bring a touch of the galaxy in your home or business. A ceiling light fixture with 21 LED sparkling lights resembling a mesmerizing constellation of stars.

Handmade in the Meyda manufacturing facility in Upstate New York, this fixture is available in custom sizes, finishes and dimmable lamping options. The flushmount is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

Why do people who have long vision see better when they are sleeping?  It’s because they dream of stars in the sky.






15 2018 Feb

Bedroom Lighting With Even Lighting

The idea for this bedroom lighting semi-flushmount ceiling fixture came from a mission revival movement. The components contain an amber mica shade and a function that distributes the light evenly. Straight line accents appear with an oil bronze finish, and handcrafted by skilled artisans from Meyda manufacturing. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

With this golden light appearing when you switch on the light, it can make your forget you had a bad day.  With all this golden light pouring on your bed when your are getting ready for bed,  this bedroom light can make you feel like the richest man in the world–or at least in your bedroom.



26 2018 Jan

A Light Fixture That Lets Nature In

A light fixture that takes on the beauty of an acorn with a beige art glass shade. This fixture is crowned by sprouts oak branches and leafs made from copper that is handmade. The art glass shades is created using Meyda Tiffany’s famous copper construction. This light fixture gives a feeling of the outdoors in the atmosphere of any room. Call for lead time Meyda: 1-800-222-4009 # 203

My dog liked this fixture because it reminded him that his most important function was outside.  All dogs like things that remind them of trees and fire hydrants.

8 2018 Jan

A Whispering Ceiling Mount Light Among The Pines

A ceiling mount light (Flushmount) with a finish in silver mica and a shade in amber mica.  Pine cones and twigs accent this light, giving a touch of the out doors.  If you a lover of the forests and have camped out in beneath pine trees, this ceiling light will add comfort to a room in your home by reminding you of those cherish camping trips. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

I always love camping in the forest but i have to remember where and when i sit down to rest.  I leaned that lesson the hard way when i sat down on a pine cone.  I could swear i saw a deer with a grin on his face as i jumped up howling.

6 2018 Jan

A Ceiling Light Fixture Of Jubilation

A ceiling light fixture with a festival of colors that make one dream of a moon of jewels shedding jewel-like light in a room from the ceiling. Like a celestial body that gives light in a lustrous manner, it can make a unique atmosphere.

My living room was as dull as a light with a broken light bulb.  I had to do something to bring some joy into the room.  I got to the point nobody wanted to spend time there.  One night i looked out side my home and saw a full moon.  Next day i saw this ceiling light fixture in a store and i wanted something that would cast a spell like a full moon.  This light fixture was my answer.  Even my dog started to howl.

6 2017 Dec

A Home Lighting Fixture Like A Rainbow

A home lighting ceiling fixture that presents  a medley of colors.  It brings a rainbow in a room with it’s variety of colors and designs.  This light is supported by an oil rubbed bronze finish. This ceiling fixture is like a statue of colors.

This fixture was created by the hands of our artisans at its manufacturing facility in Upstate New York in the USA. Custom sizes, styles and colors are available, as well as dimmable, energy efficient lamping options. The 47-inch wide fixture is UL and cUL listed for damp and dry locations.