15 2018 Jan

Decorative Lamp In A Card Game

A Decorative Lamp (Pendant) hanging by a chain with unusual decor.  Great for hanging over a table of people playing cards.  It certainly is in character with any card game and reflects the atmosphere.  Colorful in an appropriate style with silky white on the glass shade and blue and dark red accents.  Playing card combinations give this lamp shade its character.  Who wouldn’t love a good card game with this invention hanging over the table.

My wife didn’t mind me playing cards and setting this decorative lamp up in the living room.  Her only stipulation was that when i play cards don’t play new maid when the new girl starts to work in our house.  She said i’de better play old maid and stick with her.

14 2018 Jan

A Floor Lamp That’s Looney

A floor lamp with a picture of an aquatic bird (Loon) posing inside a a honey-colored art glass lamp shade like it’s his natural habitat.  A floor arm decorated with scroll and a decorative bridge giving both style and convenience.  No need to keep pulling this floor lamp closer to your easy chair while reading or watching TV.

This lamp was hard on my pet cat.  He kept trying to climb up the base  of the lamp because he thought there was a meal to be had.  After falling down a number of times,  he never chased a bird again.  I guess he though less is better.

9 2018 Jan

Novelty Lights Are Ideal For My New Place

I have been really obsessed with some great lamps of the novelty kind and I can’t get enough of them. These kinds of lamps help me to have the right lighting in my home and they are really original. I can get some novelty lamps that are in the shape of a butterfly or some that are cool accent lamps to have in any room in the house.

With some great lights of the novelty kind, I can ensure that I have the perfect look for every part of my home. I want my home to be a reflection of myself and finding some great lamps for my home is a big part of my home’s personality. I can find some great lamps that are in the form of a penguin or some that are in the form of a snowman.

My novelty lights are just what I was needing for my home and I love to have them for every part of my place. I get tons of compliments on these lamps and they are an awesome way for me to have the kind of home vibe that I want to have. I have been having so much fun celebrating the winter season with some snowman lamps.

9 2018 Jan

A Decorative Chandelier With Crystal Beauty

Polished Czechoslovakian crystal light make this decorative chandelier a hand-applied antique, iron ore finish a work of art. Added to this are 8 stunning faux candle lights. Internationally recognized for it’s beauty and custom crafted by artisans in New York, it is fitting to be in the present among dignitaries where ever they congregate.

This decorative chandelier is lighting through and by crystal. My intention was to install this in my living room because i wanted to create a dignified, classic environment.  It makes me feel my home is  like a castle.

8 2018 Jan

A Whispering Ceiling Mount Light Among The Pines

A ceiling mount light (Flushmount) with a finish in silver mica and a shade in amber mica.  Pine cones and twigs accent this light, giving a touch of the out doors.  If you a lover of the forests and have camped out in beneath pine trees, this ceiling light will add comfort to a room in your home by reminding you of those cherish camping trips. Go to LampsLightsGalore.com

I always love camping in the forest but i have to remember where and when i sit down to rest.  I leaned that lesson the hard way when i sat down on a pine cone.  I could swear i saw a deer with a grin on his face as i jumped up howling.

7 2018 Jan

Ceiling Light Fixtures With Fan And A Rose

A ceiling light fixture with a kaleidoscopic arrangement with a grouping of colorful glass pieces with a rose at its center. Fan Not Included.

Roses are red.  Violets are blue. I have ceiling light fixture with a rose and so should you.  Sure i know that i’m a poet and don’t know it.  My friend said it’s a good thing i don’t it because if i ever found out how dumb i was i would stop eating pizza backwards and stop asking why the toppings keep falling on my lap.

6 2018 Jan

A Ceiling Light Fixture Of Jubilation

A ceiling light fixture with a festival of colors that make one dream of a moon of jewels shedding jewel-like light in a room from the ceiling. Like a celestial body that gives light in a lustrous manner, it can make a unique atmosphere.

My living room was as dull as a light with a broken light bulb.  I had to do something to bring some joy into the room.  I got to the point nobody wanted to spend time there.  One night i looked out side my home and saw a full moon.  Next day i saw this ceiling light fixture in a store and i wanted something that would cast a spell like a full moon.  This light fixture was my answer.  Even my dog started to howl.

3 2018 Jan

A Billiard Light That Likes To Ski

A billiard light that must have been inspired by the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics near Lake Placid. Skiers slaloming down various trails on the ski slops is what this design is all about. Several color schemes surround this ski person include white and beige against a blue sky. This billiard light is perfect also for dining tables, bars, islands, and counters. LED is also available along with custom sizes, and colors.

I tried skiing once.  Down the slope i went.  Everything seem to go all right until i got down the slope and realized i lost my skis.

2 2018 Jan

Bedroom Lighting Bordered With Jewels & Roses

Bedroom Lighting in the form of a floor torchiere lamp that can provide a mystical atmosphere in any room– something like being in a ancient church with colored glass with artful figures. If a person may want a subtle lighting in a bedroom, like in message parlors.

A lamp begins at the base with a bronze base and grows into a beige glass top bordered with clusters of embossed roses. This can be a good substitute if you keep forgetting to bring roses home to your wife.  It might make her forget that you forget.